Genpact and Ayehu Partner to Provide Integrated IT Process Automation Solution

Addressing Paradoxically Low Level of Process Automation in IT Departments with Reduced Upfront Investment

GenpactGenpact Limited (NYSE: G), a global leader in the transformation and management of business process and technology services, and Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd., the industry’s leading provider of enterprise-class, lightweight IT process automation solutions, today announced their partnership to offer integrated IT process automation services to companies across a range of industries.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Genpact’s process-driven IT Managed Services business is deploying Ayehu’s eyeShareTM IT process automation solution to provide clients with efficient and scalable workflows that increase return on investment (ROI) while reducing human error, costs, and adoption cycle times.  These solutions make companies more competitive by enabling the IT department to become leaner, while avoiding excessive upfront investments whose long-term ROI can be challenged by volatile market conditions. Genpact is integrating this IT process automation solution for a large capital markets client with plans to deploy for a financial services client in the coming months.

“Our clients want us to help them improve the stability of their mission-critical systems while ensuring faster response times through short adoption cycles and less operational cost,” said KNK Venkataraman, senior vice president and global leader, IT Managed Services, Genpact.  “Genpact will leverage our deep process and domain expertise to first streamline and then automate IT processes using Ayehu’s tools, therefore providing our clients with a combination of smarter processes and smarter technology to help them better compete.”

IT processes are among the least automated department in many organizations, where IT personnel often spend their scarce time on mundane, repetitive tasks rather than on planning and resolving business-critical issues.  Combined with Genpact’s IT services, eyeShare IT Process Automation helps eliminate these labor-intensive manual interactions, providing an intuitive tool that automates key processes such as system, network and application tasks. Deployed by major enterprises worldwide and supporting thousands of IT processes, eyeShare empowers IT operations to automate simple and complicated tasks, free up scarce resources, and greatly improve service levels.


“IT process automation is a key solution for IT operations management to maintain high service levels while reducing costs of operations, replacing custom scripts and manual processes to create a scalable service model,” said Gabby Nizri, co-founder and CEO of Ayehu. “Ayehu is honored to be partnering with Genpact whose enterprise presence, process expertise and customer-centric services are a perfect complement to Ayehu’s enterprise-class IT process automation solution.”


Genpact and Ayehu are conducting a webinar about this partnership on Tuesday, July 23 from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. EST titled, “IT Process Automation – Your Strategy for Continual Service Improvement.”  To register and participate, interested parties may go to

Genpact’s IT Services are unique because they view IT not just as a set of technologies, but as a business process. They support over one million end-users in 25 languages; manage over 200,000 devices and monitor 400,000 plus infrastructure components with a global footprint of three ROCs (Remote Operating Centers) and 12 delivery centers across six countries. Genpact plans, designs and implements organizational IT strategies and manages mission-critical IT infrastructure for global clients. Along with key technology partnerships, Genpact IT Services combines Lean Six Sigma, and RCCA (Root Cause Corrective Action) methods to proactively eliminate defects in IT infrastructure for continuous process improvement. Genpact’s relentless focus on quality, backed by proprietary tools and methodologies, enables the company to deliver better levels of service with a flexible and robust global delivery model, improve infrastructure utilization, boost end-user satisfaction, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), improve visibility for the client technical environment, and maximize operational efficiency.

Genpact has been working with global companies for over 10 years, helping them bring in IT Infrastructure operational excellence by implementing best-in-class processes based on Genpact’s heritage with Lean Six Sigma and Smart Enterprise Process (SEPSM) methodologies. With an experience in handling over 3 million incidents and supporting 450,000-plus users, Genpact effectively enforces process standardization, eliminates IT redundancy costs and enhances internal and external workforce collaboration. 

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare™, a secure, on-premise IT process automation solution. eyeShare™ empowers IT operations to automate simple and complicated tasks, free up resources, and improve SLAs, all at an affordable price point. For more information, please visit

About Genpact

Genpact Limited (NYSE: G), a global leader in business process management and technology services, leverages the power of smarter processes, smarter analytics and smarter technology to help its clients drive intelligence across their enterprise.  Genpact’s Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework, its unique science of process combined with deep domain expertise in multiple industry verticals, leads to superior business outcomes. Genpact’s Smart Decision Services deliver valuable business insights to its clients through targeted analytics, reengineering expertise, and advanced risk management. Making technology more intelligent by embedding it with process and data insights, Genpact also offers a wide range of technology services.  Driven by a passion for process innovation and operational excellence built on its Lean and Six Sigma DNA and the legacy of serving GE for more than 15 years, the company’s 60,000+ professionals around the globe deliver services to its more than 700 clients from a network of 70+ delivery centers across 18 countries supporting more than 30 languages. For more information, visit  Follow Genpact on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ayehu Announces Its Most Recent IT Automation Super Hero of the Month

Superhero of the MonthAyehu Software, industry leading developer of lightweight, enterprise-grade solutions for IT process automation has announced the latest recipient of their Superhero of the Month award. This month, the award is being given to Elad Hefetz, Research and Development Project Manager for Bezeq International. Elad earned the honor by leveraging IT automation to improve both internal operational efficiency and external customer service levels.

In his day to day operations, Elad has the unique responsibility of managing the workflows of his internal teams while also monitoring and expediting customer SLA’s. Over time, Elad identified several operational problems that were causing workflows to slow down, subsequently affecting external service levels. He noticed that his team was being bogged down by repetitive, time consuming tasks which were affecting their productivity. He also identified the long response time for alerts that came in outside of normal working hours, as well as false alarms that were being triggered by problems within the monitoring system.

A year after implementing Ayehu’s eyeShare product, Elad and his team have already noticed significant improvements, both in terms of internal workflows and customer related solutions. Internally, the team has leveraged automation to manage a variety of tasks, including active directory password resets, network automated processes, network auto discovery, automated comparison of dates and times for internal logs, file moving and IP addresses management migration. On the customer side of things, eyeShare has improved the monitoring and accuracy of alerts, vastly reducing response time and subsequently improving service levels.

“The eyeShare product has changed the way we do business, both internally and externally. It’s given us access to a vast selection of out of the box interfaces for APIs including network, database, and windows. Internet protocols makes the automation process easier than ever. We even have the ability to build our own custom-designed workflows with no specialized coding experience needed,” says Elad. “Everyone is happy with the automation features – our operations team and our customers. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better product to be able to do our jobs more efficiently.”

Ayehu’s Super Hero of the Month program was implemented as a way to recognize and reward one noteworthy IT professional that is pioneering the process of automation and leading their organization toward the IT of the future.

About Bezeq International
Bezeq International, Israel’s leading internet and international telecommunications provider, was founded in 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bezeq the Israeli Telecommunications Corp. Ltd, Israel’s largest telecom group. Today, Bezeq International is considered a market-leader in all of its core fields of expertise, providing comprehensive communications solutions in Internet, Telephony (International, Domestic and Intra-Organizational), IT and Cloud Computing Services, Hosting, Data Communications and Information Security Solutions. To learn more about Bezeq International, visit

About Ayehu
Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

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