How to integrate SolarWinds with ServiceNow in less than 5 minutes

A while back, we shared some helpful tips on how IT process automation can be integrated seamlessly with ServiceNow. This program, along with its counterpart SolarWinds, are holding firm as leaders of the pack when it comes to network monitoring and IT service management systems. Ayehu is pleased to announce that you will now have the ability to integrate v  both of these systems with our eyeShare product for even more enhanced alert and service ticket management.

How it works…

Integrate SolarWinds helps to manage the alert management piece of the puzzle, with eyeShare providing a way to close the loop in the process. Incoming alerts from SolarWinds automatically trigger workflows in eyeShare, which are then returned and updated upon successful execution. ServiceNow comes into play on the service ticket end of things. When integrated with eyeShare, incident management becomes more accurate and efficient because reporting, resolution and closure is all automated.

You can view a step-by-step video tutorial on how to integrate eyeShare with both SolarWinds and ServiceNow in less than 5 minutes:


The integration of all three systems…

eyeShare extends SolarWinds’ network performance monitoring capabilities using its out-of-the-box, two-way integration. You can execute project workflows triggered by SolarWinds alerts to respond to and resolve issues faster. After integrating these two systems together, you can then also incorporate the next step, which is the ticketing process through ServiceNow. When SolarWinds identifies an incident, an alert is automatically generated and sent to eyeShare. This alert triggers an automated workflow to be activated. Part of the workflow involves verifying if there is, in fact, an incident that warrants an action. If there is, eyeShare will automatically open a ticket in ServiceNow. Once the incident is resolved, the alert will disappear from SolarWinds, the ticket in ServiceNow will be closed and the incident will be closed in eyeShare.



By integrating eyeShare with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and automating cross-platform IT tasks in an easy and intuitive way, you can:

  • Reduce resolution time
  • Cut down on ‘noise’ of alerts
  • Better manage the reporting, escalation and resolution of critical incidents
  • Deploy important changes
  • Ensure fully documented, end-to-end processes

Forward-thinking enterprises are seeing the value in using both SolarWinds and ServiceNow to help better manage the alert and ticket management processes. eyeShare now allows you to get even more out of these solutions by integrating all three systems together. The result is improved performance and a much higher level of service across the board. Ready to maximize your incident management procedure by integrating with SolarWinds and ServiceNow? Get started today!

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Loop1 Systems and Ayehu announce Global Reseller Partnership

Ayehu_Loop1_partnershipLoop1 Systems partners with Ayehu, the industry’s leading IT process automation solution provider

Austin, Texas based Loop1 Systems Inc., a leading global IT Services company, has announced their reseller partnership with Ayehu Inc., the industry’s leading provider of enterprise class, light weight IT process automation solutions. Ayehu is the developer of eyeShare™, asecure, on-premise IT process automation solution that integrates with the leading network-monitoring platforms.

As a premier training and services partner for network-monitoring software companies, Loop1 Systems is uniquely positioned to bring the out-of-box integration of eyeShare™ to their vast client base. Employing a world-class roster of engineers & support staff, Loop1 Systems distinguishes itself as a leader in the network-monitoring world.

“Our clients trust us to be the experts in all things related to NMS, and we are happy to be partnering with Ayehu to provide a new solution that adds value to their existing platform.“

says Loop1 Systems’ Director of Sales, Jason Moyer.

With Ayehu eyeShare™ in Loop1 Systems’ solution stack, clients will be able to deploy closed-loop network management and IT process automation from a single pane of glass for rapid alert responses and remediation.

 “The increasing pressure on IT to be more efficient and responsive is driving greater investment in automating IT processes. A trusted strategic partner such as Loop1 can ensure the successful implementation of IT process automation in the most effective and efficient way.”

says Yaron Levy, VP Professional Services, Ayehu Inc.

  About Ayehu

Ayehu Inc. publishes its flagship product eyeShare™, a secure, on-premise IT process automation solution. eyeShare™ empowers IT operations to automate simple and complicated tasks, free up resources, and improve SLAs, all at an affordable price point. For more information, please visit

 About Loop1 Systems

Loop1 Systems is a global IT Services company with a focus on Managed IT Services and Professional Services and Training around Network Monitoring Software. Founded in 2009, the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with an EMEA office in Cork, Ireland. For more information, please visit


Ayehu Names Eugene Vatnik of Rockingham Group as its IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month

IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month

Ayehu Software, developer of a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for IT Process Automation has announced the latest recipient of its Super Hero of the Month Award. This month, Ayehu has selected Eugene Vatnik of Rockingham Group. He was chosen in particular because of how he has used IT process automation to streamline operations for his team and his organization as a whole.

In his role as CIO of one of the US’s oldest insurance providers, Vatnik faced many of the same problems that IT departments in just about every industry face. In particular, because the company they outsource their infrastructure support to does not have a very robust monitoring system. Eventually, Vatnik and his team stopped relying on the incoming reports because they neither provided an accurate picture nor interfaced with their internal incident management system.

IT process automation solutions

In 2012, Vatnik began researching various options for an IT process automation solution that would help improve the incident response process. He came across Ayehu and after testing and doing his due diligence, implemented the eyeShare product in April 2014. In that short span of time, the company has been able to automate a broad range of tasks and workflows, including mail monitoring, LexisNexis VPN Tunnel reset, server monitoring, server reboot, IIS/Tomcat restart, service restart, IIS application pool restart, unlocking user accounts, and of course, incident management, which they integrated with JIRA.

“We have automated recovery of several production systems and we are quite pleased with the results so far,” comments Vatnik. “The eyeShare alerts give us ability to identify potential issues before they become problems. We stopped putting out fires; instead we proactively schedule maintenance of the production systems. As a result, we’ve significantly improved stability of the production systems and greatly reduced the number of production incidents.”

Ayehu’s Super Hero of the Month award is given in recognition of professionals that use IT process automation to improve the way their organizations run. Anyone who uses the eyeShare product in businesses of any size or industry is eligible to receive this coveted award.

About Rockingham Group

The Rockingham Group has been providing for the insurance needs of generations of policy holders since 1869. The group, consisting of Rockingham Mutual Insurance Company, Rockingham Casualty Company, and Rockingham Mutual Service Agency, Inc., currently provides insurance services through local agent offices in communities throughout Pennsylvania and Virginia. They hope to expand to additional states in the future. To learn more, please visit

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

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Free Webinar: How to Integrate SolarWinds with ServiceNow in 5 minutes

Solarwinds integration webinarSolarWinds and ServiceNow are respectively, two of the most popular network monitoring systems and IT service managment ticketing solutions available on the market.

How to Integrate SolarWinds with ServiceNow?

They’re found everywhere, and often together in the same IT department.  Smart enterprises are integrating these two platforms to create a closed-loop process which allows alerts from SolarWinds to automatically generate tickets in ServiceNow, and upon remediation of the underlying incident, flow back to automatically update SolarWinds. This bi-directional communication capability leverages the best of both platforms, and increases their ROI to the enterprise.

Questions that the webinar will answer:
  • How long does the integration take?
  • What technical skills are needed to do the integration?
  • What kinds of things can I do with SolarWinds & ServiceNow after the integration?

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Ayehu Is Hiring: C# .NET Developer

Description of position:

Mdevelopericrosoft .NET Developer with strong SQL, VB and C# working in a highly effective software development team responsible for development of and enhancements to the client’s global database.


Must have minimum of 6-8 years hands-on developer with proven experience in .NET, VB.NET and C#, WCF, and SQL

80% – Develop, Enhance and Maintain the company main products
20% – Professional Services – Implementation of the company solution at the customer’s site (traveling involved)

University degree
Experience building Client/Server applications using .Net, C#, VB and SQL language.
Expert level, hands-on experience writing SQL Server Stored Procedures.
Experience developing in another scripting/front-end language.
Excellent communication skills.

Computer Science degree, under grad or post grad
Experience interacting with business users at all levels.

Work Style

  • Ability to work independently.
  • Strong sense of self responsibility and accountability.
  • Works well in alignment and coordination with the customer designated team.
  • Collaborative and shares knowledge and experience.
  • Can adjust well to constantly changing environments.
Send your resume along with complete contact information to

 Work Location: Tel Aviv, Israel