3 Critical Questions to Ask Before Adopting Process Automation

3 Critical Questions to Ask Before Adopting Process AutomationIf you think process automation is a passing fad, think again. In fact, according to industry leader Gartner, “’Smartness’ is now everywhere in the work environment,” and “…in a continued pursuit of efficiency, routine tasks consisting of non-value added activities and repetitive tasks are ripe for replacement by some form of automation.” Of course, knowing this and actually implementing automation technology are two entirely different things. If you’re considering adopting process automation for your company, here are 3 important questions to ask yourself first.

Do my employees spend a significant amount of time completing manual, repetitive tasks?

First of all, if you answered ‘yes’ to this question, you are most certainly not alone. In fact, according to a survey conducted by technology research group Vanson Bourne, nearly every single organization polled (99%) said they spend a significant amount of time working on repetitive tasks. 64% admitted that these routine tasks take up more than a quarter of their time. Now, imagine if all or even just a portion of these things could be shifted from human workers to machine. How much more productive and valuable would your skilled workers be for your company?

Does the company struggle during times of peak workflow?

Many industries have the added pressure of dealing with seasonal or cyclical workflows, which means at certain times of the calendar year, the volume of work will increase significantly. The problem is, having the staffing capacity to handle these upturns can be challenging, especially for those companies on a strict budget. Additionally, the task of hiring temporary workers can be incredibly cumbersome for everyone involved. If your company faces similar struggles, process automation could be the ideal solution, as it provides an army of software robots at the ready with the ability to instantly scale as needed.

Will the benefits outweigh the costs?

Last, but certainly not least, you can’t expect to make a major business decision without first considering whether you’ll get enough of a return on your investment. Process automation is not free, but it can be helpful to view it not as an expense, but rather as an investment into the betterment of your company. Why? Well, because of the benefits, which include increased productivity, maximizing efficiency levels and streamlining operations – all of which can positively impact your bottom line. To be sure, spend a few moments calculating the ROI so you’ll have quantifiable evidence to back up your business case.

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