3 Reasons AIOps is a Must for Your Network

As organizations’ reliance on enterprise networks continues to grow at a rapid pace, so do the pressures on network professionals. These individuals are expected to swiftly, accurately and effectively carry out essential tasks, such as determining a problem’s root cause and whether it’s related to a device, application, server, service or the network itself, as well as formulate a way to resolve the issue. Amidst increasingly complex networks, maintaining the visibility to accomplish this at a granular level is not only difficult, but oftentimes unachievable. This is where AIOps can be an absolute game-changer.

What AIOps Can Do For Your Network Team

AI for IT Operations – a.k.a. AIOps – refers to the various technologies that, when integrated together, enable IT to automatically monitor, collect and analyze device and network health information. More importantly, it provides much more in-depth visibility, facilitates intelligent problem identification and offers much more precise root-cause analysis of performance-related problems.

Let’s explore specifically how AIOps can empower network teams by addressing each of these three necessary tasks.

Pinpoint the Source – Anyone in IT knows you cannot adequately address a performance problem unless and until you identify precisely what the issue at hand is. Unfortunately, the more complex the network, the more challenging this becomes. An AIOps platform is capable of simultaneously monitoring data from all sources to quickly and accurately locate a problem’s source. This saves the network team a tremendous amount of time and eliminates the risk of false positives and potential misdirection.

Identify the Cause – AIOps platforms operate in the background, round-the-clock, using artificial intelligence to measure network activities from end-to-end. Whenever something veers outside of statistical norms, the AIOps platform will quickly identify it and take appropriate next steps to address the issue. In-depth analytics can sift through relevant data to determine the problem’s cause as well as which networks and devices have been impacted.

Develop a Resolution – Once the AIOps platform has pinpointed the problem and identified its cause, it is then capable of presenting information to the network administrator in a contextual manner, ultimately suggesting the best way to resolve the issue. In many instances, problems can be completely remediated via automation, negating the need for human intervention. Again, this saves the IT team time and allows human resources to be used more strategically.

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