3 Ways Intelligent Automation Can Facilitate Growth, Even in the Face of Uncertainty

The recent global health crisis has tested the resolve of organizations large and small, and across just about every industry. As of a result, the perspective of many business leaders on technology has also begun to evolve. While the focus pre-COVID was primarily keeping operations going, there has been a marked shift toward digital transformation, namely the acceleration of automation initiatives.

As organizations begin to acclimate to the so-called “new normal,” those that embrace intelligent automation will quickly discover that not only can it help them navigate through uncertain times, but actually innovate and grow, regardless of what the external circumstances may dictate. Here are just a few ways how.

Cut Costs

Automation used to be an IT-only function. Slowly, but surely, the technology began to make its way into other departments, like marketing. But with intelligent automation, it’s possible to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning across the entire organization. With the right approach, automation can lay the foundation for a more resilient digital enterprise. Furthermore, by applying automation to other key areas, such as HR, finance and engineering, IT is able to optimize their workload and run a much more efficient, cost-effective operation.

Put Data to Use

There are mind-boggling amounts of data available in the world today. Making sense of that information has become increasingly challenging. Intelligent process automation technology is capable of sifting through massive amounts of data and pinpointing and extracting information that’s relevant and of business value. This information can then be leveraged to do everything from improving the customer experience to helping leaders make more informed, data-driven business decisions.

Do More with Less

If there’s one positive that’s come out of the recent health crisis, it’s that many organizations found themselves on the fast-track to digital transformation. In particular, many business leaders quickly learned that, with the right tools and technology in place, remote work arrangements were not just feasible, but actually a more attractive long-term solution. This was especially an epiphany for IT operations teams, many of whom discovered that with intelligent automation, they could effectively “keep the lights on” even with a skeleton crew.

A better run business is better positioned to outpace competitors and achieve sustainable growth. At the heart of that better run business is intelligent automation. The right technology can help ensure that whatever life circumstances may come your way, your organization will be capable of not only standing firm, but continuing to thrive through it all.

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