4 Distinct Benefits of Workflow Automation

4 Distinct Benefits of Workflow AutomationWorkflow automation is virtually revolutionizing the way organizations conduct business. If you’re not yet familiar, this basically involves the creation and execution of a series of automated steps that make up a particular business process. Workflow automation is incredibly versatile. In fact, it’s currently being used in virtually every business function, from IT to HR and marketing. Why are so many adopting this innovative technology? Well, for starters, it offers the following 4 distinct benefits.

Faster, Error-Free Work – Like it or not, humans are…well, human. That means they can only produce so much output of work in a given amount of time. It also means that the work they produce will inevitably be prone to error. Workflow automation can process work at a much faster rate and also eliminates the risk of costly human mistakes. Better, error-free work is always a plus.

Better Allocation of Resources – More than likely, the people you have working for your company possess a great number of valuable skills (otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have hired them). Many of these skills and abilities cannot be duplicated by machine. What workflow automation can do, however, is free up those experienced professionals to whom you’re paying a salary to be able to focus their efforts on more important business critical tasks.

Empower Employees for Greater Efficiency – When manual tasks and processes are shifted to workflow automation instead of human personnel, efficiency levels will go up in every facet. For instance, let’s say you’ve set up an automated process for password resets. Previously, this would require the end user to open a helpdesk ticket and wait for it to be processed. Likewise, IT workers would be bogged down by menial requests such as this. With automation, however, workflows are executed instantly.

Improved Communication and Visibility – Many workflows and processes involve more than one component. Some even require input from different departments altogether. When workload automation is adopted, it brings everyone together to communicate what needs to be done and how. And because these processes are being handled electronically, with the right tool, visibility and accountability also improve.

When faced with the many advantage workflow automation can provide, the question should then shift from ‘should you adopt this technology for your organization’ to ‘why haven’t you done so already’?

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