4 Enterprise IT Trends to Watch For

4 Enterprise IT Trends to Watch For2017 was an incredible year for enterprise IT. Not only did advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) become mainstream, but businesses began leveraging these technologies to better serve their clientele. This has given SMEs competitive advantage like they’ve never known. Now, just a few months into 2018, we are already beginning to see many of the technology predictions and expectations come to fruition. Here are four trends that will make an impact on the enterprise over the coming months.

AI and robotics will enable better business operations.

Automation is certainly nothing new, but thanks to advances in machine learning and AI technology, it’s becoming a force multiplier for the enterprise. Not only does AI powered automation eliminate manual tasks and workflows and streamline operations, but thanks to the intelligent technology it is backed by, it’s also facilitating better data-driven decision making. As these tools are leveraged, they will continuously evolve and improve on their own, making them invaluable to the humans behind the helm.

DevSecOps will become a priority.

Cyber-crime is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s becoming much more invasive and damaging, both from a monetary standpoint as well as reputational. As such, the enterprise will continue to look for better ways to address these looming security concerns, which will pave the way for what’s become known as the DevSecOps approach. Security teams of today and tomorrow must be equipped with next-gen IT tools and incorporate security into the development lifecycle. This will more effectively prevent high-profile data breaches from occurring in the near future.

Augmented reality will infiltrate the workplace.

It’s hard to ignore the immense popularity of augmented reality (AR) in the gaming world. The explosive success of Pokémon Go is a prime example. Deloitte Global predicts that tens of thousands of AR capable apps will become available this year. Enterprises in specific industries – namely that of auto, real estate and manufacturing – will experienced the biggest impact from AR technology. Many experts believe, however, that AR will make its way into a variety of other industries, including IT. An example of this would be AR tutorials to help data center workers deploy and maintain hardware.

SDN is expected to really take off.

Along with SDN advances, businesses across the world are already exploring the possibilities of virtual network services. The near future will likely see a broader adoption of SDN technology. A model that is software-defined will likely take over IT infrastructure and the concept of application-aware networking will play a significant role in managing the functionality, security and performance of apps in the increasingly complex digital world. As 5G, IoT and cloud technologies converge, it will give rise to SDN solutions and machine learning. This will improve the experience for employees as well as customers.

Along with these four trends, it’s likely that we will also see the rise of other technical aspects, including those that relate to automation and interoperability. Regardless of where you stand currently, the time to embrace advances in enterprise IT is now. This will provide your organization with the competitive edge it needs to remain successful in the future. Get started today with our next-gen automation and orchestration platform and position your company ahead of the curve.

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