5 Best Intelligent Automation LinkedIn Groups to Join

5 Best Intelligent Automation LinkedIn Groups to Join

Without question, 2020 fundamentally changed how organizations and IT teams operate. Industry leader Gartner expects that this disruption will result in a permanent shift in technology, particularly over the next four years. Front and center amidst this transformation is intelligent automation. To stay abreast of what’s going on and remain competitive in an increasingly automated world, we recommend joining one or more of the following LinkedIn groups.

AIOps, Intelligent Automation & the Future of Work

A central forum covering topics such as Intelligent IT Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, Low-Code/No-Code Automation and more. Members enjoy access to the latest news and reviews, articles, best practices, whitepapers and other relevant content. Members are also encouraged to engage group discussions, take part in industry polls and share their own content with their peers.

AI, Data & Analytics & Intelligent Automation Networks

The Intelligent Automation Network and AI & Data Analytics Network is an online resource created with the goal of helping businesses embrace Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation technologies and applications for the enterprise. Members enjoy access to industry-specific news, articles and group discussions.

Intelligent Automation (RPA & AI)

This is a forum where IT practitioners can share problems and test new ideas in the evolving field of Intelligent Automation. While this group focuses primarily on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), there are still a number of resources that relate to more advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Software Robots, RPA, DPA, NO-CODE/LOW-CODE – AI – Intelligent Automation

This group was specifically designed by its creator to be an unbiased discussion group. Members are encouraged to share their views and engage with one another on all topics relating to Digital Process Automation (DPA). Its membership is made up of industry experts and thought leaders as well as individuals who are interested in staying current on the subject of Intelligent Automation.

PEX Network: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation & RPA

The Process Excellence (PEX) Network is a global community comprised of business transformation and process excellence professionals worldwide. This LinkedIn group is managed by the PEX Network as a place for all those interested in the hot industry topics of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Automation and RPA.

Benefits of Joining a LinkedIn Group

Not sure if it’s worth joining one or more of the above LinkedIn groups? There are a number of valuable benefits to doing so, including:

  • Broadening your professional network
  • Developing and strengthening professional connections
  • Start relevant discussions
  • Answer questions and position yourself as a subject matter expert
  • Share relevant content to build your reputation as a thought leader

Like it or not, intelligent automation technology is here to stay. Only those organizations and individuals that embrace these advanced capabilities will find success in the future. By joining and participating in these LinkedIn groups, you can stay relevant and make yourself more marketable, both in your current role as well as your future career aspirations.

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