5 Real-World Problems IT Process Automation Can Solve

By now there are very few professionals who have yet to hear about IT process automation, yet there are still plenty who remain undecided as to whether it’s worth the investment for their own organizations. In reality, the benefits of ITPA are potentially limitless, with nearly endless options in terms of what can and should be automated for enhanced efficiency, cost savings and greater competitive advantage. If you’re still not convinced that automation is right for your business, here are five real-life problems ITPA can solve.

You live in a world of silos.

Most modern enterprises feature a complex network made up of several – sometimes dozens of different systems, programs and applications. Unfortunately, when there are too many of these business silos, the environment can become cluttered and inefficient – particularly when those legacy platforms aren’t capable of communicating with each other. IT process automation can connect and consolidate these existing systems and applications, creating a more unified and therefore more efficient, effective infrastructure.

You manually create, compile and/or distribute reports.

One of the most important tasks an IT manager is responsible for is gathering and analyzing data for reporting purposes. The information tracked and knowledge gained through this helps key executives make intelligent business decisions about future operational needs. The problem is, tackling this task manually can eat up hours of time that could be much better spent on other projects. It’s tedious and it’s also prone to costly human error. Imagine what you could do (or what your team could accomplish) if this critical function could be shifted to ITPA. The possibilities are endless.

Your file transfers are a huge waste of valuable time and resources.

Every business deals with file transfers, with larger enterprises often transferring upwards of thousands of files each and every day. When these file transfers also involve manual intervention, the result is a significant waste of time and resources. With IT process automation, these file transfers can be incorporated into bigger, more complex and inclusive automated processes. For instance, a report can be generated, compressed, encrypted and transferred all without the need for any human effort. How much time could streamlining file transfers save your company?

Your onboarding and offboarding activities are time-consuming and complex.

Business growth inevitably means taking on additional staff, which involves onboarding new employees – something IT can get really bogged down with, especially in larger organizations. Likewise, whenever someone leaves the company, he or she must be quickly and completely offboarded to protect the sensitive data that belongs to the business. Not only are these two processes time consuming, but because they involve multiple departments (HR, IT, payroll, etc.), it can get pretty muddy. Now, let’s say you’ve got an ITPA tool in place. In this case, when a new employee is hired, the software can handle everything from documentation to system provisioning. Likewise, when someone leaves, the process to offboard can be triggered and carried out at the click of a button.

You have to deal with serious and complicated compliance issues.

As a company grows or expands, the number of regulations they must comply with also increases. Staying on top of these compliance issues can be a daunting task, even for the most organized and diligent business leaders. The good news is IT process automation is a dream come true, especially when it comes to working with auditors. With an ITPA tool in place, all data can be captured, documented and tracked for instant retrieval as needed. No more digging through paperwork and worrying about missing critical information. Everything is available at your fingertips.

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