5 Simple Strategies to Get Employees Onboard with Intelligent Automation

5 Simple Strategies to Get Employees Onboard with Intelligent AutomationYou’ve worked hard assembling a team of capable individuals, creative thinkers and innovative problem solvers. Unfortunately, they’re spending the majority of their days manually processing routine tasks and compiling reports, leaving little to not time leftover to focus on the innovative work they’re truly capable of producing. Automating routine processes can free them up to apply their talents to more valuable tasks. But if your staff is already insanely busy, how can you convince them to commit any more of their precious time and energy to adopt a new technology?

The good news is, you don’t have to – provided you choose an easy-to-use automation and orchestration platform that empowers users to automate their own tasks and workflows. Once you’ve got that part squared away, use the following five strategies to get your IT team not just on board with but actually excited about adopting intelligent automation.

Ask them what they’re sick of doing.

The initial step in any automation project is determining what tasks to automate first. A great place to begin is with the tasks and workflows that your IT staff members hate doing. These might include repetitive tasks like processing approvals or compiling weekly reports. These things are necessary but they’re not the best use of your employees’ time and talent (and boy, do they know it!) By automating the mundane drudgery that your IT team detests, you’ll make their lives easier immediately, which can be a huge motivator of change.

Build upon your existing foundation.

With the right intelligent automation platform, existing infrastructure doesn’t have to be massively disrupted. In fact, to the contrary, a platform that integrates seamlessly with legacy systems and applications can make adopting IA fast, easy and painless. Take a few moments to go through the tools you already have in place and show your IT team how integrating automation will bring everything together for the greater good.

Look for tools that are all-encompassing and versatile.

If you want your entire IT team to jump onboard with intelligent automation, you have to present them with a solution that works for everyone – not just a select few. Likewise, you want a platform that is versatile enough to cover a broad range of tasks and workflows, from routine and common to complex and unusual. Empower your users with IA rules and tools that anyone can implement without the need for coding or scripting. The easier and more flexible the platform, the greater the adoption will be.

Streamline and optimize communications.

Your IT team is busy enough. The last thing they need is to have their inboxes bombarded with endless messages and lengthy email threads that don’t apply to them. A quality intelligent automation platform should provide a centralized dashboard where everyone can see the status of tasks and workflows. Updates, alerts and notifications should be delivered only to those people to whom they are relevant, such as the individuals who have claimed a certain task. By moving away from email, employees will be able to manage their communications more efficiently.

Keep mobile top-of-mind.

We live in an increasingly mobile world. The ability to manage and oversee automated workflows from anywhere can be an incredibly attractive benefit for your busy IT team. You know – those hard-working individuals who can never seem to get much-needed time away. Reward them with an intelligent automation platform that is not only capable of handling the majority of the workload without the need for human input, but can give them freedom and flexibility through mobile communications.

Intelligent automation should help IT workers to perform their jobs more efficiently, freeing them up to focus on creative thinking and higher-value projects. But gaining buy-in from an already maxed-out staff can be challenging. By implementing the five tips above, you’ll be able to win them over once and for all.

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