5 Ways Intelligent Automation Is Impacting the Enterprise Today

5 Ways Intelligent Automation Is Impacting the Enterprise TodayWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: 2018 is the year of automation. Not only are more decision makers recognizing the tremendous value automation can have for their organizations, but individuals – particularly those in IT – are finally beginning to realize that automation isn’t a threat, it’s an opportunity. Let’s take a look at five tangible ways intelligent automation is changing the game for forward-thinking enterprises everywhere.


Adoption of intelligent automation provides a great opportunity to revisit existing processes and determine whether or not they’re still relevant. Those that are not should be eliminated and those that are should be optimized. And while automating repeatable processes is a good foundation, a truly intelligent automation policy should run the gambit from IT to internal back-office to customer-facing business processes and everything in between. In other words, it should be pervasive.


Consumers have become digitized, which means their needs, demands and expectations have changed. To meet those needs, the enterprise much initiate continuous and automated deployments of the appropriate applications and ensure integrated, value-added feature sets. Additionally, internal developers must provision resources in a way that is timely and create environments that are conducive to rapid iterations. Intelligent automation can be leveraged to streamline this as well.

The Workforce

Unlike what many previously believed, automation is not causing significant job loss. In fact, to the contrary, intelligent automation is actually enhancing the workforce in new and exciting ways. Not only are there new roles being created, but intelligent automation has also brought to life the opportunity for existing personnel to retrain and reskill, increasing their own market value in the process. More and more enterprises are looking toward developing their own automation centers of excellence.

Customer Experience

The term customer experience applies not just to the external consumer, but also to the internal employee. Intelligent automation is changing the game for workers, alleviating them of the burden of monotonous, menial work and freeing them up to focus their skills and expertise to more challenging and rewarding business initiatives. As a result, employees are empowered to find innovative ways to serve external customers. Everyone wins.


Cyber criminals utilize automation to carry out their nefarious plans, relentlessly targeted vulnerable entry points whenever and wherever they can be uncovered. The only true way to effectively guard against these attacks is to fight fire with fire – that is, use the same innovative technologies that the hackers are using. Proactive, automated remediation can significantly lesson the likelihood of a successful breach. And for those that do manage to sneak by, intelligent automation can quickly pinpoint, isolate and eradicate the threat, thereby mitigating damages.

It’s safe to say that automation is no longer a trend, nor is it something that’s far off in the distant future. The time to adopt intelligent automation is now, and forward-thinking enterprises across the globe are taking full advantage. Where does your organization stand? Don’t get left behind. Take Ayehu for a test drive today to get started.

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