6 Key Ways IT Automation Can Help You Meet Today’s Tech Challenges

6 Key Ways IT Automation Can Help You Meet Today’s Tech ChallengesToday’s IT professionals are under increasing pressure to perform at the highest level while simultaneously saving money, reducing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. These demands will only likely increase as the years go by, which will require new and better solutions that can effectively meet and exceed these tech challenges. One such solution is IT automation, which is multifaceted, lean and versatile enough to support organizations of every size and industry. Here’s how.

  1. Monitoring – Critical networks, systems and applications can wreak havoc when they go down, especially when that downtime is unscheduled and therefore unprepared for. IT automation can facilitate ongoing monitoring so that problems are detected immediately and can be properly addressed in a way that reduces and/or eliminates potential negative impact to the business.
  1. Risk Management – As your organization grows, so do the many external threats to your network and sensitive data. IT professionals must ensure optimum security levels amidst this growing risk while also keeping their operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible. IT automation can bridge the gap between need and available resources to reduce vulnerability and keep networks protected.
  1. Configuration Checks – The vast majority of network issues can be attributed to faulty device configurations, but staying on top of ongoing audits can seem next to impossible given the extensive list of other demands the IT department is facing. Automated configuration management resolves this dilemma while reducing the risk and accelerating the detection and response time of configuration-related problems.
  1. Network Access Control – With increasing adoption of BYOD policies, IT pros have their work cut out for them, particularly in terms of controlling network access and managing IP addresses. Conflicts that arise can result in network downtime, which means a drop in productivity and subsequent financial impact. This can be avoided by using IT automation to centrally manage, monitor, alert and report on the IT infrastructure.
  1. Govern Virtualization – With virtualization taking up such a significant portion of the entire server workload, it’s absolutely essential that IT remains capable of governing virtual machines, and in the most efficient, effective manner possible. The solution can be found in automated virtualization performance monitoring, configuration management and subsequent capacity planning.
  1. Adopt/Embrace/Promote Mobility – With today’s technology, more organizations are realizing the value of virtual teams and a mobile workforce. Of course, this new way of working also presents new challenges to IT. Automation can facilitate consistent, centralized monitoring and reporting, regardless of user location. Additionally, advanced tools allow full visibility and control from anywhere, so IT employees will no longer have to remain chained to their desks in order to perform their duties.

From monitoring and control of networks, servers and applications to risk management and much more, IT automation can help ensure peak performance and ongoing success today and well into the future.

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