Imagine a World With No IT Outages. Is It Possible? Yes! Here’s How.

Imagine a World With No IT Outages. Is It Possible? Yes! Here’s How.

Over the past few decades, the IT world has undergone what can only be described as a revolution. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought even greater awareness of these advances in technology, particularly as it relates to the ability for organizations to operate semi or fully virtually. IT teams across the globe have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, leveraging every tool and strategy at their disposal to ensure that critical support functions remain intact and service carries on uninterrupted.

Today, more than ever before, ITOps teams are focusing on ways to seamlessly identify and address incidents, not as they arise, but before end users are even aware there is a problem. Are we nearing a world in which IT outages are a thing of the past? It’s quite possible. Here’s the scoop.

Greater complexity demands more intelligent technology.

AIOps has become a widely accepted and generally celebrated approach to help organizations adapt and scale to modern complexity using the advanced capabilities of AI and machine learning. The goal is to transition IT monitoring and analysis from human agents to intelligent machines through automated detection and remediation.

Ticket overload and manual workflows have long burdened IT teams – that’s nothing new. Over the years, however, the rapidly evolving IT ecosystem has multiplied the challenges and increased the demands exponentially. Simply put, the traditional human-centric way of operations management is no longer sufficient.

Leveraging the innovative, intelligent technologies that are currently available to handle the workload is effectively equivalent to “fighting fire with fire,” if you will. Advanced AI/ML is capable of sifting through mountains of data in seconds, pinpointing anomalies and either alerting the appropriate human agent, or carrying out the necessary remediation steps entirely autonomously. This allows IT teams to stay ahead of the curve, actively preventing incidents and outages rather than scrambling to mitigate the aftermath.

Navigating the new “reality” using tech for offense vs. defense.

As the dust continues to settle and organizations across all industries begin to settle into their “new normal” of remote work, business leaders are beginning to shift their focus to ensuring operational continuity and establishing the necessary infrastructure that’s needed to sustain this new way of work indefinitely.

Companies already harnessing intelligent IT technologies will enjoy improved visibility, enhanced efficiency and greater competitive advantage. By using AI, ML and intelligent automation, these forward-thinking firms will achieve faster and more effective root-cause analysis and resolution, enabling them to maximize uptime by staying out in front of potential IT outages. In other words, they will take a proactive approach to ITOps rather than a reactive one.

When intelligent process automation is used to do the heavy-lifting, IT teams will be able to focus on other innovative and revenue-generating activities. In a world where IT outages are no longer an issue, everybody wins – the customer, the end-user, the IT worker, and ultimately the organization as a whole.

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