The Ayehu Story

We were bootstrapped in 2007 with the vision of liberating IT staff from routine, repetitive operational tasks through quick and simple automation, using bots. In 2015 we secured our first external funding, and have been growing at more than 75% a year since then.  Our proven software robots have matured and we are proud to deliver measurable, high ROI through automation.

How it all started...

Picture this. It’s 2am when your major mission-critical application suddenly goes down. You’re fast asleep, and instead of someone waking you up and calling you in, an intelligent software robot is taking care of everything on your behalf.

Today, thanks to this epiphany, hundreds of enterprises across the globe are leveraging IT process automation to streamline operations, reduce human errors, maximize uptime, deliver better SLAs and cut costs.

Back in 1998, this was a dream of our founders, Gabby Nizri and Yaron Levy. As then-managers of a 24/7 operations center, the two friends dealt with these 2am calls almost every night. They soon began noticing that the vast majority of these escalations were so routine and repetitive, a robot could handle them to put out fires. The lightbulb came on and hence, the concept of Ayehu was born.

Most importantly, those 2am calls have become a thing of the past for countless IT managers. And to Gabby and Yaron, that just might be the most rewarding accomplishment of all.

About our name

Ayehu (pronounced Ah-YAY-hoo) is a Hebrew word meaning “where is he?” – a reference to the question Gabby and Yaron frequently heard on their 2 am calls, when the party on the other line was searching for the person in charge of a particular server or application,  in order to bring them back on line or fix some problem with them. Happily, with Ayehu’s automation platform, that question no longer needs to be asked…