Is AI Destroying the Workforce? Not Quite.

Is AI Destroying the Workforce? Not Quite.There’s been a lot of talk recently about jobs being brought back to the U.S. The truth of the matter is, for some roles, there will soon be nothing to come back to. The reason, of course, is automation. And many people are already whipping themselves up into a panic over it. So, what gives? Are people right to worry? Is AI really going to take over the workplace, displacing humans altogether? Is there even any hope at all?

Before you jump on the bandwagon and take your harsh stance against the perils of artificial intelligence, consider a different group of individuals for a moment. They’re called automation engineers, and while everyone else is busy worrying about AI taking jobs away, these folks are plugging away writing software, developing algorithms, deploying workflows and gathering invaluable data. These people have a front row seat to how the way we live, work and function is evolving right before our eyes.

In fact, there are a growing number of individuals in a variety of different areas of work who are feeling anything but negative toward the rise of automation. Some will even confidently point out how increased adoption of AI technology is actually good for the future of work. Because the reality is, while automation will inevitably replace the need for human operators in some roles, the technology is actually creating far more opportunities than it is eliminating. After all, someone’s got to manage all of this automation, right?

CNBC recently published a list of “robot-proof jobs,” which pointed toward a trend in STEM jobs involving science, technology, engineering, and math. In particular, algorithm writers and assessors were singled out as being in increasing demand. What’s more, the technical revolution is bringing to market a flood of new services, products and industries. These advancements are subsequently creating a plethora of new jobs for which there is a greater demand than workers to keep up.

So, will AI destroy the workforce? Hardly. The key will ultimately lie in reskilling existing workers to adapt alongside these new technologies. Will many of the jobs of yesterday become obsolete tomorrow? Yes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the people who performed those jobs will also become redundant. Those who are willing to evolve, learn and grow to adopt new required skills have the potential to enjoy continued success throughout their careers, using AI as a guide and a partner rather than a foe.

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