Are Free Online IT Courses Really Worth It?

At first glance, it can seem almost too good to be true. A comprehensive IT course that promises to level up your career and make you more marketable to present and future employers…and it won’t cost you a penny? Is something like this really worth investing your precious time and valuable effort into? Let’s take a long, hard and honest look at free online IT courses and whether they’re worth all the hype below.

With the growing popularity of sites like Udemy and Coursera, and even LinkedIn getting in on some of the online education action, there’s certainly no shortage of available content to pursue. Unfortunately, many of the free or low-cost courses found on the internet today are just as they appear – too good to be true.

Udemy, for example, just recently came under fire for peddling pirated content. And let’s face it. Some of the promises these courses provide are pretty unrealistic. For instance, there’s one popular course on Udemy that claims to teach everything there is to know about web development in nearly 500 lectures at a price of just $15. Considering that a computer science degree can cost upwards of $40k or more, the chances of this being fruitful are slim to none.

Choosing Free Online IT Courses Wisely

All doom and gloom and warnings aside, the good news is, there are still free online IT courses that actually do what they claim to do. In fact, with the right program, not only can you obtain new in-demand skills, but you can also beef up your resume. At the very least, you’ll demonstrate to employers that you are motivated and eager to learn.

So, how can you weed through the masses and determine whether a course actually passes the academic snuff test? Well, to start, look at the source behind the content. Is it some random entrepreneur claiming to be an expert but really just looking to make a quick buck on Udemy? If so, that $15 and hours of time may leave you no better off in the long run than you are today.

If you really want to optimize your learning efforts, look for courses that are developed by industry experts. That way you’ll know the content is trustworthy. Furthermore, to maximize your efforts, you should look for content that relates to a relevant niche. For instance, most experts agree that AI and intelligent automation are the technologies of the future. Skilling up in these areas will put you in a much stronger position career-wise.

Future-Proof Yourself for Free

The challenge for many is that artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation technologies can seem complex, confusing and downright intimidating – especially if you haven’t had much experience working with any of them.

That’s where Ayehu’s Automation Academy comes into play. Our expertly designed, industry-specific program is designed to demystify this innovative technology and provide IT and security technology professionals with up-to-the-minute knowledge, experience and tools necessary to develop and expand their automation knowledge.

In conclusion, free online IT courses can be well worth the investment of time – provided they are properly vetted first. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Conversely, if you do your homework and find a program that hones in on specific, in-demand skills, you can improve your worth, become a more valuable employee and make yourself more marketable for future opportunities.

To learn more about Ayehu’s Automation Academy or to enroll, click here. You can also take a video tour by clicking here.

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