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Overcoming Objections to IT Process Automation

IT Process Automation (ITPA) is far from a new concept. In fact, it’s something that is becoming more and more widely embraced across just about every industry. Yet, there are still many who are in the position of decision maker that still aren’t convinced of the value that automation can bring to their organizations. Among the […]

How do you manage your alert notifications and escalation procedures in today complex IT?

As an IT Manager, you probably get hundreds of emails a day, not to mention alert notifications and escalation from your monitoring systems, which “flood” your mailbox all day, every day. With so many incoming communications, it can be challenging and time consuming to distinguish between what is and isn’t important. This creates the inevitable risk that the moment […]

Ayehu Names Ben Scherer and Alex Yaney of LexisNexis as its IT Process Automation Super Hero

Ayehu Software, successful developer and marketer of innovative, enterprise-class IT process automation solutions has announced the most recent nominee of its Super Hero of the Month award. This month, the company has chosen two worthy recipients: Alex Yaney and Ben Scherer of LexisNexis. The two colleagues were chosen for their forward-thinking use of IT process automation to improve […]

5 IT Process Automation Challenges and How to Overcome Them

(ITPA) delivers many benefits to over-busy IT teams. Reduced human errors, faster response to mission-critical system problems, and freed-up time for other IT tasks are just some of the advantages mentioned. However, achieving these benefits isn’t always trivial. In complex IT environments – particularly when systems are virtualized or cloud based – implementing IT process […]

How To Automate VMware Snapshots

Let’s say you’d like to create a daily task to Automate VMware snapshots on multiple VM server instances, as well as to delete old ones. Yes, you could probably use a script or powerCLI, but that would require some code writing skills as well as ongoing tweaks and modifications over time – for scheduling frequency (Windows task scheduler), […]

IT Process Automation – Changing the Future of IT Operations

There is, perhaps, no industry that faces more challenges than that of IT. Between mastering new and evolving technologies, meeting increased demand and dealing with a slim selection of highly qualified individuals, being successful in the IT field is no simple feat. IT process automation is something that can help change this climate, making for […]