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How Slackbots and Ayehu Add Automation to BMC Helix Remedyforce

BMC Helix Remedyforce is a version of the BMC Remedy platform popular among organizations already using Salesforce.com, making it easy to deploy rapidly for IT organizations who value being nimble. Since that’s a growing segment of the market, and given the surge of interest in chatbots, BMC and Ayehu have partnered to showcase how to […]

Slash MTTR with Intelligent Automation for AIOps

There seems to be confusion in the marketplace about the term “AIOps” as far as what it means exactly, but there’s much less confusion about what it can do – Improve IT’s customer satisfaction scores by reducing noise, lowering call volume to the service desk, and slashing MTTR. These are the types of benefits every […]

Introducing Ayehu NG v1.6 – New Advanced Features

Author: Guy Nadivi If you’re an existing user of Ayehu NG, or even if you’re just thinking about trying us on for size, you probably know that one of the core strengths of our solution is how easily and quickly you can plug Ayehu into various ITSM platforms, cyber security tools, operating systems, messaging and […]

How NOT to be an intelligent automation failure

According to a recent survey by IDC, of the organizations already using artificial intelligence solutions, only 25% have developed an enterprise-wide AI strategy. What’s holding them back? Well, according to that same survey, most failed AI projects occur due to lack of skills, staff and resources, as well as unrealistic expectations. So, how can you […]

Want to Innovate? Automate.

The key to innovation lies in the ability to quickly identify and resolve frictions. Easier said than done? Not necessarily – provided you have the right tools in your corner. That’s where the power of AI, machine learning and intelligent automation come into play. By leveraging these technologies, organizations will be better prepared to pinpoint […]

Automation-Driven Employee Onboarding – From Days to Seconds

Author: Guy Nadivi It’s really true. Automation-driven employee onboarding can reduce the time that process takes from days to seconds. Actually, in some cases, we’ve heard that at some organizations, onboarding is measured in weeks, not just days. I was at a VMworld conference in San Francisco a few years ago, and struck up a […]

How AI Can Reduce Service Desk Ticket Costs from $20 to $4 [Webinar Recap]

It’s the End of the IT Service Desk as We Know it (and We Feel Fine) If you’ve been paying attention the last few years, you know Digital Transformation is a concept that’s sweeping through many organizations, and fundamentally changing how they operate and deliver value to customers. There’s some very cool, but still somewhat […]

Ayehu’s New Advanced Features in NG v1.5 [Webinar Recap]

In response to growing user requests to add more flexibility to the Ayehu NG automation platform, Ayehu has released NG v1.5. This release will significantly expand the scope of what you can automate in your environment, all from a single pane of glass, and we think that makes it a real game changer in the […]

How to Predict and Remediate IT Incidents Before They Affect Business Outcomes [Webinar Recap]

The ability to proactively predict  and remediate IT incidents BEFORE they occur, rather than react to them after they’ve already happened, is one of the key value propositions of a new IT operations category called AIOps, which stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. Leveraging the AI part of AIOps to mitigate problems before they […]

How to Create an Outstanding Experience for Your Cherwell ITSM Users [Webinar Recap]

The discipline of ITSM has undergone significant evolution since its earliest incarnations. Today with the drive towards automation, increasing use of artificial intelligence, and the push for digital transformation, ITSM occupies an increasingly high-profile position for many organizations. This is especially true as many enterprises are seeking competitive advantages in their customer experience and service […]