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Episode #35: The Critical Steps You Must Take To Avoid The High Failure Rates Endemic To Digital Transformation – Pink Elephant’s Troy DuMoulin

In this episode, Troy shares his thoughts with us about what he believes is the “gift of ITIL”, the 5 questions CIOs & IT leaders must answer before an organization considers using a shared tool chain, and why process and tool projects are really people change projects in disguise.

Building Intelligent Automation Into Your Organizational Culture

In order for intelligent automation to be truly successful and produce sustainable results, it can’t be a one-off project that is exclusive to the IT department. It has to be woven into the very culture of the organization and fully embraced across the entire company. But changing corporate culture is much easier said than done. How […]

4 Steps for Selling Intelligent Process Automation to the Masses

Seasoned leaders know that, when beginning any significant project, there are two different paths that can be taken. Path number one offers the shortest route from point A to point B. This is to simply force-feed the project to everyone, essential saying, “We’re doing this and that’s that.” The second path, on the other, may […]

Episode #33: How To Upscale Automation, And Leave Your Competition Behind – transformAI’s Lee Coulter (Part II)

In Part II of this 2-part episode, Lee Coulter, CEO of transformAI shares more of his insights on upscaling automation, including how to prepare for & mitigate common stall points, the one department whose inclusion in an enterprise automation implementation can be most critical to avoiding its derailment, and his predictions for the biggest disruptions we’ll see from intelligent automation over the next few years.

Episode #32: How To Upscale Automation, And Leave Your Competition Behind – transformAI’s Lee Coulter (Part I)

In this episode, Lee Coulter, CEO of transformAI joins us to examine the issues surrounding how automation deployments should be upscaled, the value propositions most effective in persuading a CEO to move forward on automation, and which senior executive is best-suited to lead an organization’s intelligent automation initiative.

7 Steps to Creating an Automation Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence (CoE) for Automation has become a very hot topic these days, moving from distributed organizations that each own several tools and scripting to one vertical center that provides automation solutions across the enterprise. In response to this growing demand, Ayehu has established an Automation Academy that will help enterprises to transition […]

3 Ways Intelligent Automation Can Save Your Legacy Systems

There are few things an IT executive dreads more than having to replace an outdated legacy system. You know…those ancient programs that hold some of (if not all of) the organization’s critical, “can’t survive without it” data. The reality for many companies is that these legacy systems remain the foundation from which all business processes […]