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Episode #38: Why Mastering Automation Will Determine Which MSPs Succeed Or Disappear – Ayehu’s Taly Dunevich

In this episode, Taly shares numerous key insights with us, including why the low-cost labor model that drove growth for so many MSPs is being pushed aside to make way for higher-cost services that expand an MSP’s footprint with their client; why MSPs who become experts in automation will translate that expertise into more services with their clients (and greater market share overall); and what the cost reduction “magic number” is that CIO’s are expecting from MSP’s today.

COVID-19 and Remote Working – 5 Essential Factors for Companies to Consider

A month ago, the economy was rolling along. Enter COVID-19 and suddenly everything seems to be grinding to a halt, with organizations scrambling to stay afloat and avoid disruption as much as possible. One primary way this is being accomplished is by enabling employees to work remotely. That being said, many companies were not adequately […]

Episode #37: From Witnessing Poland’s Transformation After Communism’s Collapse To Leading Digital Transformation for Global Enterprises – CGI’s Tomasz Jamroz

In this episode, Tomasz Jamroz draws upon his vast expertise to share with us some fascinating use cases he’s worked on, the 2 key factors organizations must address before undertaking digital transformation, and the technologies most likely to advance our capabilities & impact our world over the next 10 years.

Join our Webinar – How Slackbots & Ayehu Add Automation to BMC Helix Remedyforce – Wednesday March 18, 2020

Please join us on Wednesday March 18, 2020 as we demonstrate how simple it is to integrate Slack’s best-of-breed chatbot tool into BMC Helix Remedyforce, then turn that combination into a powerful force multiplier for your IT staff by incorporating Ayehu’s automation engine to provide end users an entirely new self-service support channel.

Episode #35: The Critical Steps You Must Take To Avoid The High Failure Rates Endemic To Digital Transformation – Pink Elephant’s Troy DuMoulin

In this episode, Troy shares his thoughts with us about what he believes is the “gift of ITIL”, the 5 questions CIOs & IT leaders must answer before an organization considers using a shared tool chain, and why process and tool projects are really people change projects in disguise.

Building Intelligent Automation Into Your Organizational Culture

In order for intelligent automation to be truly successful and produce sustainable results, it can’t be a one-off project that is exclusive to the IT department. It has to be woven into the very culture of the organization and fully embraced across the entire company. But changing corporate culture is much easier said than done. How […]