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Smart CIOs know AIOps is the key to maximizing efficiency

In today’s volatile marketplace, businesses in every industry are focusing on cutting costs. Unfortunately, some folks still view IT as an expense and an area in which the metaphorical belt can be tightened. What they don’t realize, and what an increasing number of CIO’s are embracing, is that implementing AIOps can actually result in reduced […]

Episode #14: How Automation Can Reduce the Risks of Cyber Security Threats – Toast’s Naor Penso

In this episode, Naor breaks down for us why cyber security professionals should view automation as an asset in their never-ending struggle against bad actors, what metrics IT security executives should focus on when evaluating the effectiveness of automating security operations, and why automation is one of only two realistic ways to mitigate the cyber security talent shortage.

MSPs: How to Cut Costs in 4 Easy Steps

We’ve come a long way since the antiquated automation tools introduced at the turn of the century. Huge, clunky and far-from-perfect, those old tools were enough to get the job done, but thankfully have been vastly improved over the years. Now, automation is intelligent, offering sophisticated solutions in easy-to-use, out-of-the-box products that are affordable and […]

Episode #12: How Cognitive Digital Twins May Soon Impact Everything – Accenture’s Dr. Ahmed El Adl

In this episode, Dr. Ahmed El Adl shares his far-reaching insights with us, and clarifies whether AI will ultimately have a bigger impact as a tool for automation or worker augmentation, whether machine learning will ultimately eliminate the need for data science altogether, and the most important background to consider when hiring an AI professional.

7 Key Business Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is being adopted and implemented in businesses of every industry. Still, there are some decision makers who are on the fence about whether it’s worth the investment. If you are among those who aren’t 100% certain, let’s take a look at a few of the quantifiable benefits AI-powered automation can provide to your […]