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Episode #29: How Applying Darwin’s Theories to AI Could Give Enterprises the Ultimate Competitive Advantage – Cognizant’s Bret Greenstein

In this episode, Bret shares with us some finer points about Evolutionary AI’s workings, and the impact it’s having on enterprises today. Along the way we’ll discover why implementing AI & machine learning is going to re-prioritize the agenda for CIOs & CTOs, laying the groundwork for IT to transition from a cost center to an enabler of revenue growth.

The future of work is here. Using intelligent automation to work SMARTER, not harder.

Process automation is most often leveraged as a tool to replace the need for humans to perform routine, repetitive manual tasks. Beyond this, however, intelligent automation powered by machine learning capabilities can be leveraged to continuously optimize work and improve business outcomes. Imagine what your organization could do if all the simple but necessary daily […]

How Automation Levels Up AIOps

In today’s increasingly complex digital environment, the ability to pinpoint, resolve and mitigate potential IT problems has never been more critical. And with a hybrid blend of public and private cloud, on-premises and virtual servers, a growing variety of mobile devices and a skyrocketing volume of network and application traffic, it’s also never been more […]

Workflows vs. Scripts for IT Automation

IT teams are consistently being bogged down with the increasing demands to maximize uptime, optimize service levels and minimize expenditure. Juggling multiple disparate systems while managing complex scripts only adds to the back-breaking pressure. Furthermore, with each system prone to its own vulnerabilities, others being program-specific and some scripts completely devoid of oversight, pinpointing problems […]

Harnessing the Cognitive Capabilities of Intelligent Automation

In order for business leaders (and ultimately their teams) to meet the growing demands of maximum operational efficiency, organizations across the globe and in just about every industry have been turning to automation for decades. We have reached a time, however, in which basic automation is no longer sufficient. In response to this, enterprises are […]

Solving your “what if” scenarios with intelligent automation

When it comes to convincing businesses that intelligent automation is the way of the future, the biggest objection to overcome is the age-old question, “what if….” Many IT professionals and other key decision makers within an organization carry the fear that automated tasks which are put in place to solve a problem may actually end […]