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Webinar: 5 Reasons IT Should Provide End-Users with Self-Service Capabilities

According to Gartner, customer self-service is a top-five 2015 customer service trend, and with specific regards to the infrastructure & operations market, one analyst says there are  “too many self-service capable processes being handled by Level 1 technicians.“ ow will demand for self-service impact your organization, and more importantly, how can you leverage the benefits […]

The Importance of Maturity in Security Incident Response Automation

With cyber-attacks on the rise and becoming more and more sophisticated, the need for quality security incident response automation products is also increasing. As with any other technology product, there are a wide variety of vendors offering this type of solution, with many new players emerging at a rapid pace. It’s important to note, however, […]

Yuval Molnar of Payoneer is Ayehu’s Most Recent IT Process Automation Super Hero Of The Month

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd., industry leading developer and marketer of enterprise-grade IT Process Automation solutions has just named the most recent recipient of its Super Hero of the Month Award. This month, Ayehu has chosen Yuval Molnar and Production Team of Payoneer. Molner was specifically chosen for his use of IT Process Automation to streamline and […]

Too Many Cyber Security Alerts, Not Enough Teams? No Problem!

As security breaches continue to plague companies across the globe, it’s becoming increasingly evident that assembling and launching cyber security incident response teams is vital. So what happens when you’re working with a tight budget and simply cannot afford to gather a group of top IT talent to handle your incident response needs? Does that […]

Ayehu is looking to recruit an experienced Office Administrator & HR Assistant

Office Administrator & HR Assistant Role Summary: We are looking to recruit an experienced Office Administrator & HR Assistant. As an Office Administrator & HR Assistant you will be responsible for maintaining an efficient office operations, interaction with vendor and clients, from sales to production, billing and delivering hi-quality of customer care and satisfaction at all […]

Front End JS Developer Required To Join Ayehu

Ayehu (Tel Aviv) is seeking a Front End Java Script Developer to join our developer force. Ayehu develops and markets eyeShare™, a lightweight, enterprise-grade IT Process Automation solution. You will be responsible for the design and development of our next generation solution for our clients.  You will work closely with business and IT stakeholders in a collaborative, […]