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How Robotic Process Automation is a Game Changer for Outsourcing Fees

We’ve all heard the rumblings: how robotic process automation (or RPA for short) is going to eliminate human jobs. How someday in the not-so-distant-future robots will become the quintessential “heartbeat” (ironically) of the future workplace. And while experts agree that RPA will most certainly change the way work is done, most also agree that humans […]

Why Did You Get Into IT? What First Drew You To This Field?

  For me, it was the sense of amazement at how computers could relieve people of manual work assignments that would be better described asmonotonous drudgery. In the early 80’s, the classic example of this drudgery was manually recreating an entire financial model on paper to accommodate fluctuating interest rates, varying inflation rates, or some […]

Filling Out Your IT Process Automation Wish List

As the holidays approach, many of us are busy making wish lists of all the goodies we’d love to receive from our loved ones. What about your IT wish list? Have you identified areas of your day to day operations where IT process automation could make your job easier, more efficient and more enjoyable? If […]

How Netflix Leverages IT Process Automation to Protect Its Information

With more than 62 million subscribers worldwide, it’s no wonder digital services company Netflix has to focus on keeping up a fast-paced, secure IT operations environment. The engineers who work for the streaming media organization are faced with the task of deploying code thousands upon thousands of times each and every day. How do they […]

Ayehu Automation Software Makes Gartner’s List of Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting Solutions

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd., leading provider of enterprise-grade IT process automation software solutions is pleased to announce its inclusion in the latest report from respected IT research firm Gartner (#3166239). In this most recent publication, Ayehu was listed as a trusted provider of automation for security operations, analytics and reporting (SOAR) needs. The 15 page […]