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How Tomorrow’s IT Leaders will Use AI to Solve Problems

When the IT professionals of today went to school, they most likely studied things like programming. Students attending today’s technical colleges and universities, however, are focusing on things like machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result, tomorrow’s workforce will have been taught an entirely new way of approaching IT problems, including cybersecurity. And since […]

How to Maximize ITSM Efficiency Through Intelligent Self-Service

Managing the lifecycle of IT services is a complex and challenging undertaking. Further complicating matters are the many different facets of IT service management (ITSM), of which even one minor failure can disrupt the entire operation. Meanwhile, IT service desk teams are being asked to do more than ever before, even while operating with limited […]

Could These 3 Workflow Problems Be Crippling Your Company’s Performance Management?

Effective performance management is high on the list of objectives for business leaders, regardless of department or industry. The primary purpose is to create and maintain an internal work environment where employees can perform at their very best. This requires supplying employees with everything they need to do their jobs effectively, creating a positive corporate […]

Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Ignite Growth

Today’s executives face the ever-increasing challenge of meeting the demands and expectations of both internal and external customers while simultaneously lowering operational costs as much as possible. Meanwhile, growth is almost always on the horizon. To address these challenges, more and more executives are turning to intelligent automation to augment human capability, enhancing the customer […]

Legacy Systems Slowing You Down? How Intelligent Automation Can Help

There are few things an IT executive dreads more than having to replace an outdated legacy system. You know…those ancient programs that hold some of (if not all of) the organization’s critical, “can’t survive without” data. The reality for many companies is that these legacy systems remain the foundation from which all business processes function. […]

Streamlining HR with Intelligent Automation

Human Resources is a critical function of any organization, particularly those at the enterprise level. Because HR is connected with every other department, when HR processes are running smoothly, the entire business benefits. Conversely, when those processes break down, the whole company can be impacted. Due to the broad reach and extensive list of responsibilities, […]