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4 Business Processes that Are Ideal for Intelligent Automation

While the concept of robotics is gathering speed and capturing the attention of more and more executives across multiple industries, there is still a huge barrier to overcome before it can become fully embraced. Many decision makers still feel that human capital is more valuable than automation, and in some cases, they’re correct. There are, […]

4 Enterprise IT Trends to Watch For

2017 was an incredible year for enterprise IT. Not only did advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) become mainstream, but businesses began leveraging these technologies to better serve their clientele. This has given SMEs competitive advantage like they’ve never known. Now, just a few months […]

How Intelligent Automation is Disrupting the Business World

Automation has been used for centuries to some degree, helping organizations across all industries to maximize efficiency, cut costs and improve service levels. One area of technology that is currently poised to disrupt the business world is intelligent automation – that is, automation powered by machine learning and AI technology. This growing movement is making big […]

Gartner Says Automation Will Transform Business Outsourcing

According to Gartner, intelligent automation is set to completely transform business outsourcing. As a result, the renowned technology research firm cautions that sourcing and vendor management leaders must adequately prepare to restructure their service offerings and renegotiate their contracts. Is your organization ready? Let’s take a look at what else Gartner had to say. Gartner […]

Are you budgeting enough for IT automation? Here’s why you should be.

If you’re under the impression that IT processes are not all that important to your business, perhaps it’s better to look at it from another angle. How much do you believe downtime can and will cost your company? Last check put that number at around $9,000 per minute. That’s right. Per minute. So, yes, ensuring […]

How Top Organizations Are Planning for Security Automation and Orchestration

Most business leaders today are feeling the pressure to innovate. But sometimes it’s ok to live by the old adage that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to be successful. In some areas, it’s entirely ok to look around, figure out what other companies are doing right and mirror their actions. Such is […]

Work smarter (not harder) with intelligent automation

IT process automation is most often leveraged as a tool to replace the need for humans to perform routine, repetitive manual tasks. Beyond this, however, intelligent automation powered by machine learning capabilities can be leverage analytics to continuously optimize work and improve business outcomes. Imagine what your organization could do if all the simple but […]

How Intelligent Automation Can Boost Profitability for Managed Service Providers

One of the biggest challenges managed service providers (MSPs) face today is striking a balance between routine processes and procedures and the more value-added services that also bring in more revenue. Like it or not, time is extremely limited. Furthermore, in order to meet the stringent demands all managed service providers face, the business itself […]