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3 IT Process Automation Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

Perhaps you’ve heard enough about it that you’ve become convinced of its benefits. Maybe you’ve experienced it for yourself and you’re eager to leverage such a powerful tool for your own IT department. Whatever the reason implementing IT process automation is a wise choice. Yet many find themselves dealing with additional, unexpected headaches and having […]

How “Free” IT Process Automation Software Can Cost You

Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing – especially when you’re working with a limited budget and have to find creative ways to keep your business running efficiently, such as with IT process automation tools, without breaking the bank? While some of the products out there that are being offered for free are great, and […]

The Benefits of ITSM Automation

When it comes to the IT service management, the one universal objective all players have on their plate is that of making business processes as efficient as possible. This is not an easy feat by any stretch of the word, yet it’s absolutely critical if an organization is to maintain a steady level of success […]

IT Process Automation: Think Delivering Faster, Cheaper and Better IT Services is Impossible? Think Again!

While IT professionals certainly embrace technology as an integral component of the ongoing success of any business, the “powers that be” view technology as simply a means to an end. High level management and other stakeholders in the organization don’t care about the driving force behind what’s making the company run efficiently and productively – […]

How the Right Cyber Security Incident Response Strategy Can Help Mitigate Damages

2016 is barely off to its start and cyber-attackers are already proving what many believe to be the most dangerous year yet. Just a few days into the New Year, the signature Web Attack: Mass Injection Website 19 began registering significant spikes. This particular signature is used to detect incidents in which a hidden script […]

Webinar: How to Turbo Charge Your Cyber Security Incident Response Strategy

Is your cyber security incident response plan truly strong enough to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe from falling into the wrong hands? With cyber-criminals becoming more sophisticated by the day and their efforts multiplying at an alarming rate, no business is safe. More importantly, without the right technological tools, your IT department cannot adequately […]

4 Industries that are Killing it With Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a technology that can realistically be leveraged in just about any organization and in virtually any industry. Generally speaking, RPA is most suited for automating business processes which involve a particularly high volume of manual, repetitive tasks, which makes it ideal in the areas of clerical, rules-based and/or screen-based jobs – […]

The Benefits of Keeping Run Book Automation On-Premise

While many organizations are shifting their on-premise services to cloud solutions such as ServiceNow, RemedyForce and JIRA, the question that is coming up more and more is, should we move everything to the cloud? Take, for example, IT process automation (a.k.a. run book automation). Is this business function really safe in the cloud, or should it be […]