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Webinar: How to Turbo Charge Your Cyber Security Incident Response Strategy

Is your cyber security incident response plan truly strong enough to keep your organization’s sensitive data safe from falling into the wrong hands? With cyber-criminals becoming more sophisticated by the day and their efforts multiplying at an alarming rate, no business is safe. More importantly, without the right technological tools, your IT department cannot adequately […]

4 Industries that are Killing it With Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a technology that can realistically be leveraged in just about any organization and in virtually any industry. Generally speaking, RPA is most suited for automating business processes which involve a particularly high volume of manual, repetitive tasks, which makes it ideal in the areas of clerical, rules-based and/or screen-based jobs – […]

The Benefits of Keeping Run Book Automation On-Premise

While many organizations are shifting their on-premise services to cloud solutions such as ServiceNow, RemedyForce and JIRA, the question that is coming up more and more is, should we move everything to the cloud? Take, for example, IT process automation (a.k.a. run book automation). Is this business function really safe in the cloud, or should it be […]

What’s Holding You Back from Adopting Robotic Process Automation?

A 2012 report from HfS Research contained some pretty incredible facts surrounding robotic process automation, specifically in terms of leveraging RPA as a more cost-effective alternative to outsourcing. In fact, the executive summary read as follows: “While an onshore FTE costing $80k can be replaced by an offshore FTE for $30k, a robot… can perform […]

Automation of Cyber Security Incident Response: What You Need to Know

These days, it seems there’s a high profile security breach in the news almost daily. The truth is, cyber-attacks happen to businesses of every size, shape and industry and just because the story may not make the news, the ramifications can be nothing short of devastating. Organizations are under increasing pressure to ensure that when […]

2016 Trends to Watch for In IT Process Automation

When it comes to IT, one thing is always certain: change. It’s ongoing and seemingly endless. It’s something everyone within this chosen profession must be aware of and prepared for at all times. In the IT process automation realm, technological advancements and ongoing enhancements are occurring at a lightning speed. Are you ready for what’s […]

The Importance of Solid Cyber Security Incident Response – A Reminder

The Ayehu team recently participated in the annual CyberTech conference. The original purpose of our attendance was to share information about the eyeShare product through networking and interactive demonstrations. What really occurred there, however, went well beyond product demos and handshakes. We came away with an even greater realization of the critical importance of cyber […]