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Cyber Security Incident Response: How Automated Playbooks Could Help Healthcare Develop Stronger and Faster IR Capabilities

These days it seems as though there’s a new cyber-attack in the news on an almost weekly basis. One in particular, while it occurred a year ago, stands out due to the extra sensitivity of the data that was breached. We’re talking about the attack on Anthem, one of the largest health insurance firms in […]


IT Process Automation – 5 Tasks to Automate First

IT process automation is certainly nothing new. In fact, organizations of every shape, size and industry have been leveraging this powerful and cost-effective tool to boost productivity and service levels and to create leaner, more efficient operations. The one issue that many who are new to the automation realm tend to struggle with, however, is […]


5 Reasons MSPs Need IT Process Automation

Managed service providers (MSPs) are certainly no strangers to change. In a world where tools and technology are constantly evolving, MSPs are on the front line of many of these changes, and it looks like there may be no end in sight. This is particularly true in terms of automation, or more specifically, how automation […]


The Role of IT Automation in the IoT – Is Your Organization Ready?

In the IT realm, perhaps there is no bigger buzzword than the IoT, short for the Internet of Things. With billions of connected devices and experts predicting tens of billions more over the next five years, it’s become a necessity for businesses to prepare accordingly. To do so, organizations must first understand exactly what the […]


IT Process Automation Tips: Do You Need a Chief Automation Officer?

As technology continues to evolve and become more complex, its role in business also continues to expand. This is particularly true when it comes to IT process automation. As more and more organizations are adopting ITPA, the need for dedicated leadership in that area is also increasing. Does your company need a Chief Automation Officer […]


Leveraging IT Process Automation to Manage Blackouts

Perhaps there is no greater burden on the minds of IT professionals than the thought of an impending blackout. System outages can cost businesses a lot of money and impact service levels, both internally and externally. To be properly prepared to handle such an event, IT must have a plan in place that will allow […]


Cyber Security Incident Response – Zero-Day Linux Flaw Demonstrates Need Now More than Ever

The recent discovery of a long-standing critical flaw in the Linux kernel has potentially left millions of end-users vulnerable to a cyber-attack. While the discovery of the flaw was recent, it turns out the vulnerability has actually been present in the code since as early as 2012. This means that for approximately 4 years, attackers […]