Automated Cyber Security Incident Response – Your Best Defense for Any Attacks

Automated Cyber Security Incident Response – Your Best Defense for Any AttacksIn the realm of online security, it’s often said that organizations must prepare for the so-called advanced attacks that could potentially occur. But what about the common, routine ones? In reality, it makes very little sense to focus primarily on preparing for a sophisticated enemy who might be launching a complex attack when there are dozens, hundreds or probably even thousands of basic attacks coming in on a daily basis. The good news is, with automated cyber security incident response, your company can defend against any type of attack.

If you read the headlines on any given day, you’ll inevitably realize that businesses of every size and in just about any industry are under heavy attack. Moreover, most organizations are struggling to keep ahead of their would-be attackers, the majority of which are – let’s face it – your common, run-of-the-mill hackers. While the issue can occasionally be due to the complexity of these violations, most often it’s simply due to the overall frequency and number of incoming threats.

Furthermore, it’s not even the ability to detect potential cyber-attacks that’s usually the problem. Monitoring system providers, like those that develop and market malware detection, are doing their part to stay a step ahead of the enemy, but identifying a threat is only half the battle. In fact, the area where most businesses struggle is in actually addressing these assaults and preventing them from going any further. At last check, it takes an average of anywhere from 45-65 days for an organization to resolve a cyber-incident. Imagine the damage that could be done in that amount of time!

In truth, it doesn’t matter if it’s the same type of attack that’s happened hundreds of times before. If it’s not dealt with properly, it could still have devastating results.

This is where automated cyber security incident response comes into play. Essentially, technology is able to match the relentless number of incoming attacks stride for stride and much more effectively than any human worker ever could. Unless your organization has unlimited resources and an army of dedicated security professionals, your defense against an army of attackers – at least from a human capital standpoint – is inadequate. That is, unless you have automation on your side.

With automated cyber security incident response, every piece of the puzzle is covered. From the moment a threat is detected, it is automatically analyzed for legitimacy and dealt with accordingly, whether that means it is resolved immediately or prioritized and escalated for additional attention. This is true for every single instance, even if there are thousands or tens of thousands – something that even the most skilled team of IT professionals could not manage on their own.

The reality is that, although it’s certainly important to recognize and address complex and sophisticated attacks, for most enterprises, the problem truly lies in the gap between detection and remediation. Automation is the key to bridging that gap once and for all.

Are you doing enough to prepare for and address any type of attack that might come your way? Could automated cyber security incident response be the solution for your organization? Why not try it for yourself?

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