How Automation Can Revolutionize Your Data Center

How Automation Can Revolutionize Your Data CenterData centers are absolutely critical to the continuity of daily operations for an organization. As such, the reliability and security of their equipment, technology and information is a top priority. Data center professionals are tasked with running a secure, efficient operation that effectively supports the organization’s infrastructure while maintaining an environment that is both agile and scalable. Data center automation is one tool that can facilitate this level of performance. Here’s how.

Data center automation can benefit both IT functions as well as line of business functions. By automating and orchestrating tasks and processes across all functions and teams, data center managers can dramatically increase operational efficiency. Even more importantly, they can begin to achieve quantifiable ROI quite rapidly – in many cases, just a few days following implementation. Specifically, the automation solution can be broken out into four main components, as follows.

Server Automation – With the right technology, data centers can easily standardize, consolidate and automate server operations, thereby reducing risks and boosting efficiency levels. Deploy complete lifecycle automation for servers as well as applications. This delivers a consistent scalable solution for patching, provisioning, configuration management, compliance management and script execution across all physical and virtual servers.

Database & Middleware Automation – The right platform will facilitate automation of daily administrative tasks that are necessary in order to adequately manage middleware and databases. This solution should also enable the enforcement of organizational standards and best practices across the enterprise. Customize processes and workflows and implement a self-service catalog to empower end-users and free up IT staff. This can improve efficiency by up to 90 percent.

Orchestration – Whether a traditional or hybrid cloud, data center automation and orchestration provides the ideal solution for automating IT tasks, processes and operations. In addition to run book automation, our platform is fully integratable and features out-of-the-box, plug-and-play capabilities across multiple domains, including cloud, virtualization and security ops. It’s specifically designed to increase adoption of automation.

Compliance – Data center automation can aid in ensuring IT compliance by unifying policy management across all business services. Enjoy a centralized, flexible policy management model that can be deployed across all IT silos and other resource types. Also enable automated audit and remediation to streamline the reporting process.

The ROI realized from data center automation can be quantified in both cost reduction as well as enhanced risk management and mitigation.

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