Announcing the Winners of Ayehu’s 1st Annual Hackathon!

From October 6th through October 8th, Ayehu held its first annual Hackathon event. This year’s theme was a timely one – Work from Home Intelligent Automation. The multi-day event drew automation experts from around the world who gathered virtually to develop and deliver creative solutions to IT challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic. 

A panel of expert judges comprised of automation professionals and members of Ayehu’s GitHub community evaluated submissions based on their technical difficulty, originality and usefulness, as well as user experience. Out of the hundreds of global participants, we are pleased to introduce our top winners below.

First Place – Prabhat Kumar (Zensar)

For his submission, Prabhat decided to automate the installation of updates and patches in multiple Windows Servers in different environments (e.g. Test, Dev & Prod), along with generating a report. To do this, he created a workflow to automate specific aspects of a quarterly patching process. 

Prabhat has been with Zensar for several years and routinely uses Ayehu to automate incident remediation. As a result, he based his workflow on a real-life experience he had at customer site. This particular customer had a quarterly patching process that used to take nearly a week to complete – two days each for a test environment, Dev environment, and production environment. Now, this process is fully automated.

“In order to do this, you need an end-to-end solution which integrates with ServiceNow, patching tools and more – and Ayehu is that platform,” Prabhat noted.

Second Place – Amar Alwani and Rajesh Prakash (Cognizant)

Coming in close second was the two-man team from Cognizant – Amar Alwani and Rajesh Prakash. Amar and Rajesh chose to automate a collaboration between multiple teams during an OS Patching Change, performing pre-patch and post-patch activities. This effectively minimized the outage window by more than 50%. 

In their day to day roles at Cognizant, Amar and Rajesh use Ayehu to manage more than 40 different customer accounts. One particular customer from the UK had been experiencing long outage windows during a patch session due to the need to coordinate between multiple remote teams. There was a long list of “pre-patch” and “post-patch” processes and checklists, all of which were manual. To address this, they integrated Ayehu with Microsoft SCCM, which enabled them to run multiple tasks in parallel.

“By doing this we were able to cut down the outage window nearly in half, from 8 hours to around 4 hours,” commented Amar.

To view the winning entries, please visit  

In addition to congratulating our winners, the entire team at Ayehu would like to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all those who participated in this exciting event. With so much uncertainty in the world today, we hope it provided the opportunity to have a little much-needed fun. And, of course, we hope to see you all again next year!

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