Ayehu Announces eyeShare Run-book Automation V3.6 release

May 16, 2010, Tel Aviv, IL.  Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. Provider of Run-book Automation Solution (a.k.a IT Process Automation) is pleased to announce the release of eyeShare version 3.6 available now in Free and 30-Day Trial from Ayehu website www.ayehu.com.

Ayehu eyeShare in a Run-book Automation Solution (a.k.a IT Process Automation) specifically designed for IT operations & Data centers to automate the Incident & Problem resolution processes for IT systems through the integration of IT management and monitoring tools such MS SCOM, HP OV, Nagios, Solarwinds and many others…

The new eyeShare v3.6 includes new features and functionalities to provide Sys Admins and Ops managers the power to manage events and problem resolutions more quickly in more efficient way, with an easy drag-and-drop workflow designer, Rule Base and Workflow Process engines you can run an automated task and processes without losing the control of IT processes. Watch our online demo to see how it works.

eyeShare v3.6 is now available for Free download. To help make the software evaluation process as efficient as possible, downloading the software automatically registers you to receive your Free license and relevant resources throughout the evaluation process. Get started now and You will receive support and resources that will guide you through your software evaluation to help you to discover, assess, and deploy Ayehu eyeShare Run-book Automation solution. 

Contact details for Support and Sales inquiries: info@ayehu.com

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