Ayehu Announces IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month as Yair Langer of Pelephone

Yair_PelephoneAyehu Software, leading developer of innovative IT Process Automation solutions announces its newest Super Hero of the Month. This month’s recipient is Yair Langer of Pelephone, who was chosen for his use of ITPA to streamline and better manage his team’s workflow in a more efficient manner.

In his current role as a member of Pelephone’s security team, Yair is responsible for managing incoming alerts and ensuring that IT operations run efficiently throughout the entire organization. During his day to day duties, Yair noticed how bogged down he and his teammates were becoming having to manually write scripts and manage a variety of other repetitive tasks. He knew their time could be much better spent focusing on other important, business critical duties. Automation seemed like the most logical solution.

In 2009, Pelephone implemented the eyeShare product. The first process they automated was a massive cleanup of disk space on more than 4,000 workstations, followed by the monitoring of the company’s main website for any service downtime or incoming virus threats. Impressed with the results, they then expanded to create password expiration reports and notifications, conduct daily file maintenance, monitor alerts from their SIEM-SOC and deliver them real-time via mail and text message and monitor virus alerts throughout their network, notifying the appropriate employee of the problem.

“Before we rolled out eyeShare, we were wasting so much time processing manual tasks and chasing down alerts, then trying to figure out who should be handling them,” says Langer. “Now, instead of executing the same repetitive manual tasks over and over, we have automated the most critical ones. With eyeShare, we are able to convert most of our tasks into automated workflows, easily and efficiently. It’s been a huge time saver and we have peace of mind knowing that if and when an alert comes in, the right person will be notified.”

Ayehu implemented the Super Hero of the Month program as a way to recognize everyday hard workers who have leveraged automation to improve the operational efficiency of both their departments and their entire organizations. Anyone who uses eyeShare to automate their manual tasks and workflows may be eligible to receive the award in the future.

About Pelephone

Pelephone Communications Ltd. has been a pioneer in Israel’s mobile communications sector since 1986. They have over 2.85 million subscribers, 4,300 employees and operate 200 service and sales points and 12 call centers in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic. Pelephone also leads the business market, with a number of high profile customers including IBM, Harel and Migdal insurance companies. To learn more about Pelephone, please visit their website at http://www.pelephone.co.il.

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade IT Process Automation solutions. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit www.ayehu.com

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