Ayehu Announces New eyeShare Integration Pack for CA Spectrum

CA Spectrum IntegrationAyehu Software Technologies Ltd., industry leading developer of lightweight, enterprise-grade IT process automation software is pleased to announce the latest integration of its flagship product, eyeShare, with CA Spectrum version 9.4.

CA Spectrum helps organizations to improve network service levels. It incorporates such critical functions as fault isolation, fault management, proactive change management and root cause analysis into one single platform. Utilizing CA Spectrum, IT administrators are able to better understand many of the issues that jeopardize reliable performance, such as configuration changes, unanticipated events and system outages.

eyeShare is an IT process automation solution which mimics the manual response of an experienced IT operator automatically, offering a key advantage over human involvement: instant and automatic response time. Executing pre-configured run books that require no programming, eyeShare can resolve just about any IT crisis for which a solution can be defined in advance.

CA Spectrum IntegrationThe eyeShare integration with CA Spectrum provides a closed loop process that allows IT personnel to more effectively manage incidents and alerts, receive and update data from the CA Spectrum platform, and remediate IT processes automatically, with or without the need for human intervention. eyeShare can run workflows based on pre-determined rules for particular types of incidents. The incidents are then automatically updated accordingly, either by closing them or notifying the system administrator. eyeShare also has the ability to create ‘events’ in CA Spectrum should any glitches be discovered during IT processing.

“Anyone in the IT management realm knows how valuable and effective the CA Spectrum tool can be,” comments Ayehu’s co-founder and CEO Gabby Nizri. “By integrating with Ayehu eyeShare™, CA Spectrum sys admins can now enjoy enhanced benefits, such as a shortened response time to incident resolution, as well as a greater degree of visibility and control. We’re thrilled to add this to our extensive list of out of the box integration packages.”

To learn more about the CA Spectrum integration, click here.

About Ayehu

Ayehu provides IT Process Automation solutions for IT & Security professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex workflows, and maintain greater control over IT infrastructure through automation. Ayehu solutions have been deployed by major enterprises worldwide, and currently support thousands of IT processes across the globe. The company has offices in New York and Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information please visit www.ayehu.com


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