Automation Anywhere and Ayehu Collaborate to Provide an End-to-End Intelligent Automation Solution

San Jose, CA, March 3rd, 2020  – Ayehu, the leading provider of IT Process Automation today announced a collaboration with Automation Anywhere, a leading provider of robotic process automation (RPA), to provide enterprises with an intelligent, fully autonomous solution that handles common, repetitive tasks. By implementing end-to-end automation, it alleviates service employees to focus on higher value projects, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce that is ready for the future workplace.

“Ayehu chose Automation Anywhere as its strategic RPA partner so that together we can automate both front-end, business-focused tasks and backend IT infrastructure activities,” said Gabby Nizri, CEO of Ayehu. “Our technologies complement each other nicely and the product integration insures a smooth hand-off between Automation Anywhere’s RPA bots and Ayehu’s IT workflow.”  

Ayehu has joined Automation Anywhere’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) and is developing a product integration that makes this end-to-end automation vision a reality. An example is a common, time consuming and error-prone task like employee on-boarding. This can now be handled by an RPA bot that enrolls a user in HR systems and sends them required information packets, and then triggers an IT workflow to add the user to a correct Active Directory group with proper role defined and the required permission for the applications they need to access.

“The alliance with Ayehu and Automation Anywhere further extends our capabilities for an organization’s IT infrastructure, allowing users to fully automate manual, repetitive functions allowing employees to shift their focus on higher-level, strategic work,” said Griffin Pickard, Director of the Technology Alliance Program at Automation Anywhere. “Many common tasks have both a user-facing, business-focused component as well as a backend infrastructure. Our partnership integrates two “best of breed” solutions that together provide a complete end-to-end intelligent automation solution that benefits both employees and customers.”


Ayehu’s no-code Intelligent Automation and Orchestration platform is a force multiplier for IT Operations, helping Enterprises save 95% on time handling alert resolution, and achieve 35% cost reduction of labor-intensive routine tasks, while maintaining greater control over enterprise infrastructure – whether on-premise or in the cloud. Among our 220+ Enterprise customers, large MSPs such as Cognizant, Capgemini, Amdocs and LTI, are using Ayehu’s platform for its digital labor, increasing margins and operational efficiency by sending robots to work.

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