Ayehu Survey Reveals ‘Speed of Delivery’ is #1 Reason for Adopting No-code IT Automation

In an industry that’s as fast-paced and ever-changing as ours, it’s imperative that we keep our fingers on the collective pulse of our customers. In order to help other organizations achieve optimal agility and scalability, we too must focus on continuous improvement and rapid iteration. One of the ways we do this is through our annual Product Survey, of which we recently received the results for 2021. Below is a brief summary of how businesses are using Ayehu and intelligent automation in general.

One thing in particular that we are always interested to learn about is what has motivated our customers to turn to automation. This year, increasing speed of delivery took center stage as the main driving factor. Boosting productivity came in second, with service enhancement and cost efficiency rounding out the list.

The number one area where Ayehu is most frequently implemented is in IT operations (80.6%). This is followed by the service desk, NOC, customer site and security operations.

The lion’s share of respondents are applying Ayehu’s capabilities to handle incident response (75%) with service request management coming in at a close second (72.2%). Additional applications include IT alerting, job scheduling, and proactive maintenance.

When asked which specific tasks are being automated, server maintenance topped the list at 66.7%, with file and folder monitoring following closely at 63.9%. Additional automated tasks and workflows, in order of frequency, include database queries, password resets and employee onboarding. Employee offboarding, VM provisioning and server patching also made the list.

One of Ayehu’s most valuable features is its ability to integrate seamlessly with dozens of the most popular monitoring systems on the market. 66.7% of the survey respondents say they’ve integrated Ayehu with at least one other system or platform.

When asked specifically which solutions have been integrated with Ayehu, 25% of respondents listed IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus with SolarWinds capturing 20.8% of the responses. Microsoft SCOM, CA Spectrum and Dynatrace also made the list.

Another popular integration category is ITSM and service desk solutions, one or more of which 63.9% of survey respondents say they’re currently connected with.

Not surprisingly, ServiceNow topped the list of solutions being integrated with Ayehu, taking 82.6% of the responses. From there, BMC Remedy, JIRA, Cherwell and ZenDesk also made the list. (Click the links to see each of these use cases in action.)

What Makes Ayehu Different?

Finally, when asked what makes Ayehu their intelligent automation solution of choice, survey participants cited ease of use, thanks in large part to the low-code/no-code workflow designer, comprehensive library of pre-built templates and straightforward integration capabilities.

Want to join these satisfied customers and put this powerful yet simple-to-use solution to work in your own organization? Give Ayehu a test drive for 30 full days. Download your free, full-stack trial today.  

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