Ayehu eyeShare Cuts Critical Incident Recovery Time by 90% at a Leading Financial Organization

Clal Insurance Automates Critical Incident Management, Cutting Operations Costs, Saving Time and Reducing Mean Time to Recovery

Ayehu Software, provider of automated solutions for critical incident management in IT operations, announced today that its flagship product, eyeShare, has enabled Clal Insurance to dramatically cut the recovery time of its mission critical business portal.

Clal Insurance, Israel’s leading insurance, pension, and financial services group, serves thousands of insurance agents using a web-based financial portal. The portal’s recurring system failures resulted in business losses and dissatisfied customers; system recovery, which was based on manual procedures, was long and unpredictable and tied up critical IT staff.

“Once we started using eyeShare, portal recovery time fell by over 90% and we have dramatically reduced lost business,” said Haim Inger, Clal’s CTO. eyeShare’s Rule Engine identifies portal failures and automatically triggers the most appropriate problem-resolution workflow. eyeShare sends notifications via SMS and email to the responsible IT manager, who takes ownership of the problem. The workflow proceeds by automatically executing pre-defined recovery tasks, pausing at specific decision points to receive remote instructions from the IT person – for example, whether to restart an application service. “As a result of our experience, all new IT systems are now implemented on eyeShare prior to going into production,” adds Mr. Inger.

eyeShare is a lightweight, off-the shelf product focused on IT critical incident management. Integrating with existing monitoring systems like CA Unicenter, HP, IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol and Nagios, eyeShare identifies critical incidents, ensures someone takes immediate ownership, and automates recovery steps under the guidance of the problem owner. eyeShare cuts manual work for IT operations staff, reduces operational costs, reduces Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR), and mitigates IT risks.

Designed to handle complex distributed IT environments with multiple systems, remote servers, and virtualization, eyeShare speeds up problem resolution through:

— A Rule Engine that captures symptoms and activates an incident-resolution workflow
— A Shift Management module that defines responsibilities and escalation procedures
— A Bi-Directional Notifications Engine that ensures someone takes ownership of an incident, and receives human input and control where necessary
— Workflows that execute the problem resolution process across multiple systems – automating pre-defined procedures, guided by a human operator
— A Task Automation Library, enabling easy automation of incident resolution steps
— An Executive Dashboard for full transparency and in-depth reporting

To learn about best practices for cutting IT critical incident recovery time, download the free eyeShare white paper at http://www.ayehu.com/Downloads/WhitePaper.html

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