Ayehu Insider – Meet Ayala Zimner, Technical Support Leader

Welcome to Ayehu Insider – a series of blog posts that cover expert tips, behind-the-scenes stories and interviews from inside our company. Learn about the people behind the Ayehu brand and get to know what goes into making such an innovative product. Enjoy!

We’ve written a lot of posts about how other organizations can use the Ayehu platform to automate their IT operations, optimize their cybersecurity incident response strategy and maximize their efficiency and productivity levels. But what we haven’t shared is how we use the Ayehu platform in our own company.

ayala zimnerMeet Ayala Zimner, Leader of QA and Technical Support at Ayehu. Not only is Ayala an expert at providing support to clients who use the platform, but she’s also a pro at using it herself. We asked her to share a few use cases that she felt would demonstrate how the platform has been beneficial to herself and her team. Here’s what she had to say.

Escalation to the support team when a notification comes from Zendesk about a new urgent ticket…

“By automating the escalation process, we are better able to maintain service level agreements (SLAs) with our customers. Before the automatic escalations, we used to miss SLAs on urgent tickets almost 100% of the time, particularly when they were opened outside of our working hours. Since we started using the escalation feature, we’ve been able to maintain our SLA at 80% for tickets opened outside our working hours by alerting our on-calls on time.”

Automatic license expiration report…

“This report helps our sales and account managers know when they need to contact their customers to renew their licenses. Before that report, the support team wasted about 30 minutes a week on generating this information.”

Generating reports on-demand using self-service (multiple types of reports)…

“These self-service forms allow anyone at Ayehu that has access to the site to easily generate any custom report they need. Not only does this save the support team about 2 hours a week of handling requests from management, account managers and sales, but it has also dramatically improved the user experience. Now when someone needs a report, they can simply use the platform to run it themselves without having to open a ticket and wait for resolution.”

Ayehu website availability checks…

“This was a test that wasn’t routinely performed in the past, and as a result we were not aware when there was a problem with the website. Now, the site administrators are notified instantly upon automatic detection of a problem so it can be immediately addressed and quickly resolved.”

The beauty of these features is that they can be leveraged in any organization of any size and in any industry. Ayala and her team are much more efficient and effective at their jobs thanks to these simple yet highly impactful automated platform features. We invite you to experience these benefits for yourself by downloading your free trial of Ayehu today. And remember to stay tuned for our next installment of Ayehu Insider coming soon!

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