It’s Official! Ayehu is ISO 27001 Certified!

Ayehu is proud to announce that, following the successful completion of a series of rigorous audits, we have officially received ISO 27001 certification. These credentials are internationally recognized and widely accepted among the highest information security standards.

The process to become certified includes strict specifications and requirements that define how a business should process and manage information more securely.

Certification is only awarded to organizations who demonstrate a proven ability to systematically manage information security risks that impact the availability, confidentiality and integrity of company and customer information. The data covered under this umbrella includes, but is not limited to: financial information, intellectual property, employee details and information entrusted to an organization by third parties.

We are pleased to confirm that our internal processes and our unwavering commitment to our clients have met these meticulous standards.

Being ISO 27001 certified is a testament to the fact that Ayehu considers data security to be one of the highest priorities. It also ensures the following:

  • Customer and employee information is rigorously protected
  • Risks and vulnerabilities are continuously assessed, minimized and eliminated
  • An internal culture where every employee prioritizes data security by design
  • Operational excellence, particularly in the areas of IT, HR and information processes
  • Ongoing compliance with the highest standard for information security

For more information on ISO/IEC 27001, please visit

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