Jerry Thompson of Handgards is the IT Process Automation Super Hero

IT process automation Superhero of the MonthAyehu is pleased to announce the latest recipient of its Super Hero of the Month award. This month, the company has chosen to recognize Jerry Thompson of Handgards. Thompson was selected because of his innovative use of IT automation to streamline operations and dramatically save time and resources.

As Director of New Systems and Networks, one of Thompson’s most important tasks involves facilitating a smooth Warehouse Management process from start to finish. Prior to implementing the eyeShare product, Thompson’s team had to build a series of SQL programs which would allow them to un-plan and remove orders from their system. One set of SQL programs was required to verify which records were affected and another was needed to ensure that all records were subsequently cleared out of the system. The problem was, in order to initiate these processes an email was required for each step. If IT wasn’t available, the warehouse team had no choice but to wait.

After conducting extensive online research, the team settled on the eyeShare product. They started on a trial basis, working with the Ayehu representatives to build a customized solution that would streamline the Warehouse Management process through automation. Now, when the warehouse team sends an email with a specific subject, eyeShare automatically initiates the necessary steps without the need for input from IT personnel. Since initial implementation, a total of 6 automated workflows have been set up, further improving operational efficiency.

 “The eyeShare software has drastically reduced down-time by removing bottlenecks from our internal processes,” comments Thompson. “With the IT process automation that we currently have in place, our systems are able to run with minimal intervention from the IT department. As a result, the warehouse team is much more productive.  And because our Document Control System has fewer communication issues with our ERP system, everyone is able to perform their duties more effectively.”

The Super Hero of the Month award is given by Ayehu as a way to recognize those forward-thinking leaders that are using automation to propel their organizations forward. Anyone who uses the eyeShare product is eligible to receive this coveted award.

About Handgards

For over 40 years, Handgards Inc. has been the North American leader in food service plastic disposables. The company has flourished by providing products which protect against infectious diseases transmitted by hand contact, and by retaining its industry leading ability to develop new lines of food saving and time saving food storage and food handling bags, as well as a number of other products. To learn more about the company, please visit:

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