Ayehu Names John Michael Cunningham as Most Recent Recipient of IT Automation Super Hero of the Month

Ayehu Software, a leading provider of IT process automation solutions for businesses of all sizes, has announced the latest recipient of its coveted Super Hero of the Month award. Ayehu has chosen John Michael Cunningham, who works for a leading nationwide provider of pharmacy services, and successfully leveraged IT process automation to dramatically improve the operations of his department and organization as a whole.

Cunningham is the ServiceNow Systems Administrator for his organization, which is the largest provider of pharmacy and related services to senior communities across the country. A big part of his role entails overseeing incident management, and ensuring that new account setup for recent hires is executed in a timely manner. Over time, Cunningham began to identify some flaws in these internal processes that were having a significant impact on productivity and efficiency. His teams were wasting precious time and resources on manual tasks that could be automated.

In October 2012, his organization officially began using eyeShare, which integrated seamlessly with ServiceNow, making its deployment quick and simple.

The improvement to IT processes was almost immediate. Now, instead of individually monitoring each alert arriving via SolarWinds and manually managing incidents from start to finish, his organization’s Incident Operations Center (IOC) relies on eyeShare to handle these time consuming processes for them.  The IOC also automated the IT portion of onboarding for new employees to make that process faster and more efficient.

“One of the things that surprised me the most about eyeShare was how easily it was handled and how seamlessly it connected to active directory. This was a big plus, because we’re way too busy to have to worry about a slow, painful implementation process. Even the few small bumps we experienced in the very beginning were quickly addressed by Ayehu – we never had to worry about a thing!” states Cunningham. “Overall, I think what I’m most impressed with is that eyeShare has really allowed us to better manage our resource allocation, and helped us with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. We can automate the mundane so we can focus on more critical business matters.”

The Super Hero of the Month award is Ayehu’s way of recognizing everyday players in the IT industry who are using automation to not only drive the success of their own organizations, but are also pioneering a path for the future of technology.

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. publishes eyeShare, the industry’s #1 enterprise-class, lightweight IT process automation solution. Deployed by major enterprises worldwide and supporting thousands of IT processes, eyeShare empowers your IT operation to automate simple and complicated tasks, free up scarce resources, and greatly improve service levels, all at an affordable price point.  For more information, please visit www.ayehu.com.

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