Ayehu Opens Enrollment to Free Automation Academy

Automation Academy

Ayehu is excited to announce we will be opening up our Ayehu Automation Academy to the greater IT community, officially offering all courses free of charge

The Ayehu Automation Academy delivers on-demand, self-paced training content that enables IT professionals to reskill and/or upskill themselves to better prepare for the future of work. The Academy features a full slate of beginner and advanced courses on such relevant topics as automation architecture, security, hybrid deployments, multi-tenancy, self-service portals, and developing workflows. 

New content is added regularly in order to give registrants the most up-to-the-minute knowledge they’ll need to orchestrate the next generation of intelligent automation workflows.

“In light of the pandemic accelerating digital transformation for organizations of all sizes, a noticeable automation skills gap has been revealed,” says our Co-Founder and CEO, Gabby Nizri. “We want to do our part to help close this gap. The most effective way we can do that is by opening up all of our courses free of charge, eliminating any financial obstacles for IT pros who want to be at the forefront of the digital transformation revolution.”

2020’s massive paradigm shift to working from home due to the Coronavirus overwhelmed many IT departments whose own staff were themselves required to work remotely. As a result, many organizations accelerated their adoption of automation, in order to redirect huge volumes of requests away from IT operations in general, and service desks in particular. 

Platforms like Ayehu add substantial value to IT operations by enabling quick and seamless automation of a diversity of laborious, repetitive tasks. A small sampling of popular use cases include password resets, onboarding and offboarding employees, service restarts, provisioning virtual machines, and much more.

Ayehu NG integrates easily with the most popular ITSM tools, chatbots, monitoring systems, messaging and notification programs, infrastructure and cloud providers, and cybersecurity solutions. This friction-free interoperability enables orchestration of multi-platform workflows in order to automate the most complex IT processes from a single pane of glass.

For more information on the Ayehu Academy, or to enroll for free, visit: https://ayehu.com/resources/ayehu-automation-academy/

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