Ayehu Software Named in Gartner’s IT Market Clock for IT Automation Publication

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd., industry leading developer of eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade
IT process automation
 (ITPA) product is pleased to announce its inclusion in the latest Gartner Research publication. Ayehu now stands alongside some of the most well-known and respected brands in the IT field.

The publication, entitled IT Market Clock for IT Automation, was released a just a few weeks ago.  In it, Gartner (the world’s leading IT research and advisory company) shares detailed information about IT process automation, including its impact on the business world, the many benefits it offers and the four biggest inhibitors of adoption. The report also includes research results regarding IT process automation tools that are currently on the market.

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. was listed as an example of one of these IT automation vendors.Ayehu Software Named in Gartner’s IT Market Clock for IT Automation Publication

Another key takeaway from the report is the insight shared with regards to what clients should look for and expect from ITPA tools as well as success factors that can help make selection, implementation and adoption go more smoothly. Ayehu’s eyeShare product falls right in line with these best practices and recommendations, particularly in terms of its agility, robust features and functionality, and ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

“We have the utmost respect for Gartner and all the incredible work they have done in the IT realm,” comments Gabby Nizri, Co-Founder and CEO of Ayehu. “To be named in one of their highly-esteemed publications is truly an honor and a testament to how hard we’ve worked to establish Ayehu as a leader in the IT automation industry.”

About Gartner

Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. They specialize in conducting, compiling and delivering technology-related insight to help IT professionals  and business leaders make sound decisions. Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, CT and currently employs 6,600 associates, including more than 1,500 consultants, research analysts and clients in 85 countries. For more information, please visit www.gartner.com.

About Ayehu

Ayehu provides IT Process Automation solutions for IT & Security professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex workflows, and maintain greater control over IT infrastructure through automation. Ayehu solutions have been deployed by major enterprises worldwide, and currently support thousands of IT processes across the globe. The company has offices in New York and Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information please visit www.ayehu.com.

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