Ayehu Software Names Dan Andrews of Wow! Cable as Latest Super Hero of the Month

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Palo Alto – Ayehu Software, industry leading developer of enterprise-level IT Process Automation software solutions has announced its most recent Super Hero of the Month.

This month’s award recipient is Dan Andrews of Wow! Cable. Dan was specifically chosen for his use of IT process automation technology to drive IT and make his organization more competitive.

In his role as Director of Emerging Technologies & Support, Dan is charged with researching, evaluating and recommending new technology to support customer, infrastructure and architectural needs. When he first joined Wow!, the company was operating on basic, somewhat outdated functionality, such as homegrown ticketing. Part of his job was to identify new software products that could essentially bring the company up to speed and make it more advanced in order to meet competitive marketplace demands.

In his previous position, Dan was instrumental in bringing in the ServiceNow platform and integrating it with Ayehu eyeShare. Given his past experience with the eyeShare product, he did not hesitate to recommend the adoption of IT process automation in his new role. So far, the company has automated a number of processes, including Active Directory requests and distribution list additions. He is currently working on automating the monitoring of security logs, alert management, inclusion of IP addresses and other configuration information into tickets and much more.

“In my line of work, I’ve tested plenty of IT process automation products. For me, eyeShare was the one that stood out the most. Not only do I appreciate the out-of-the-box functionality and rich features, but I particularly value the relationship I’ve developed with the Ayehu team,” comments Andrews. “In such a fast-paced industry, I find it refreshing that they take the time to provide real support before and after the sale. It feels more like a partnership than a vendor-client relationship, something that’s rare in the IT world.”

The Super Hero of the Month award is given in recognition of those in the IT field who are using automation technology to enhance performance, both individually and at an organizational level. Any individual or team who uses the eyeShare product is eligible to receive this coveted award.

About Wow! Cable

WOW! is one of the nation’s leading broadband providers, serving residential, business and wholesale customers in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Maryland and the Southeast. With an expansive portfolio of advanced services including high-speed Internet, data, voice, cloud and cable television services, the company is dedicated to delighting customers with friendly, quality service at affordable prices.  To learn more, please visit www.wowway.com.

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit www.ayehu.com

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