Ayehu Software Names Philip Herner from IBM as Latest IT Process Automation Super Hero

IBMAyehu, developer of enterprise-grade IT process automation and orchestration solutions for IT and security professionals, has announced the latest recipient of its IT Process Automation Super Hero Award. This month, Ayehu has chosen Philip Herner of IBM. Philip was selected in particular because of his use of IT process automation to create a more cost-effective, streamlined and efficient operation.

As one of IBM’s Project Managers for SO Delivery, Service Management, Philip and his team were tasked with finding a middleware solution that would easily and seamlessly interface with existing platforms, particularly ServiceNow and SolarWinds. They were also challenged with keeping costs down as much as possible. Finally, they needed a solution that was easy to implement, simple to use, and straightforward to maintain.

Initially, they chose an outsourced solution which quickly revealed itself to be inadequate. Not only was it expensive, but it required bringing in outside resources every time an update was needed, making it very cumbersome. Furthermore, the solution only provided basic capabilities. This lack of control, limited functionality, and higher cost made it obvious that other options needed to be explored. Enter eyeShare from Ayehu, which not only provided a low-cost solution, but also offered easy integration with existing systems, providing for a quick friction-free deployment.

One example of how IBM began leveraging eyeShare’s automation for their existing applications is the workflow they established to integrate eyeShare with SolarWinds, which monitors the data center’s servers.  Any alerts SolarWinds generates are quickly parsed and evaluated by eyeShare to identify incidents which could be deemed as serious or critical. In those instances, a ticket is automatically created in ServiceNow and assigned to a system administrator who then takes responsibility for remediating the incident.

“My team is actively managing a huge number of projects on any given day. We really don’t have the time or the resources to spend managing our middleware. Yet, at the same time, maintaining control in-house was important,” comments Philip. “Not only did eyeShare have out-of-the-box solutions and templates that matched our needs, but it was pretty much plug-and-play and has been a breeze to maintain. It’s made our jobs so much easier.”

Ayehu’s IT Process Automation Super Hero award is given in recognition of professionals that use automation to improve the way their organizations run. Anyone who uses the eyeShare product to improve operations in businesses of any size or industry is eligible to receive this coveted award.

About IBM

IBM helped pioneer information technology over the years and today stands at the forefront of a worldwide industry that is revolutionizing the way in which enterprises, organizations, and people operate and thrive. It is modernizing clients’ IT environments to help them meet increasingly complex customer demands and providing innovative technology solutions that help them to improve their business processes and in turn, profitability. To learn more, please visit www.ibm.com.

About Ayehu

Ayehu provides IT process automation and orchestration solutions for IT and security professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents and enable rapid containment, eradication, and recovery from cyber security breaches. Ayehu provides customers greater control over IT infrastructure through automation. Ayehu solutions have been deployed by major enterprises worldwide, and currently, support thousands of IT processes across the globe. For more information, please visit www.ayehu.com

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