How Artificial Intelligence will Impact IT Careers

How Artificial Intelligence will Impact IT CareersThere’s no question that machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are making an impact on IT workers, particularly when it comes to entry-level and support type roles. As such, there has been a sweeping concern over the long-term affect AI will have on IT related careers in the future. And for good reason. After all, IT does happen to be the most frequent user of AI. Does that mean technology jobs are about to become obsolete? In a word, no. Instead, IT professionals will need to evolve alongside AI and develop new skills.

A shift has already begun…

This evolution is already happening in many organizations worldwide. Take an international hotels group. Not long ago, the IT service support team was comprised of 35 people working tech support in various levels. One of the biggest challenges at that time was keeping up with the 24/7 needs of end users. In response, the company’s Director of IT initiated a major transition that leveraged AI to offer self-service options and achieve greater scalability.

Humans and machines working in tandem

The company in question deployed an AI-powered intelligent automation platform that could perform common support tasks without the need for human intervention. Further, because the solution featured machine learning capabilities, it could essentially learn from its own experience and improve over time. The most surprising news? The company did not lay off a single staff member. Instead, its headcount actually increased by 80 people.

This real-world example provides a glimpse into the future and how artificial intelligence will impact work in the technology field. Tomorrow’s IT departments will achieve far greater productivity levels thanks to the support of intelligent automation. And along with these newer technologies, additional career opportunities will emerge.

Humans will no longer need to focus on routine, mundane and mind-numbing tasks. Instead, they will be freed up to apply their creativity and cognitive skills accordingly. Instead of fielding requests and responding to tickets, human workers will be focusing on monitoring and training their intelligent technology.

AI opportunities will increase

For IT professionals, AI and machine learning technologies present tremendous opportunity. In fact, according to Gartner, by 2019 more than 10% of IT hires in the support realm will be involved in managing bot interactions. By 2020, 20% of organizations will have dedicated workers responsible for monitoring and guiding neural networks. Furthermore, McKinsey predicts that AI could potentially create 20 to 50 million jobs globally.

And just as organizations can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantages, IT professionals skilled in AI technology will similarly be able to position themselves as frontrunners in their industry. With the current shortage of individuals with this particular skillset, the opportunities that lie ahead cannot be understated. A good place to start? By familiarizing yourself with an easy-to-use intelligent automation platform like Ayehu.

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