Using Intelligent Automation to Reduce Complaints

Using intelligent automation to reduce complaintsCould software robots help you reduce the amount of complaints for your organization? The answer is yes – through the use of intelligent automation. By implementing automation powered by AI, you can dramatically reduce the number of human errors that occur from manual processes while also improving the speed with which you are able to deliver service. Fewer errors and faster results mean end users and customers alike will be more satisfied. Additionally, with machine learning algorithms, business leaders can use data-driven decision support to deliver better service in the future. Let’s take a look at exactly how this all works.

Firstly, intelligent automation technology delivers productivity levels that are multiple times greater than that of human workers. When’s the last time your IT team was able to work around the clock without ever taking a single break? In fact, the only time an automation platform is inoperable is during system down-time, which is typically planned for and scheduled in advance. Using robots to complete most back-office processing tasks alone can result in an improvement of efficiency levels of upwards of 90%.

In addition to creating a more efficient, productive work environment, intelligent automation also provides a much greater degree of flexibility and scalability. Most organizations experience certain peak times during which the workload and subsequent demand on human workers fluctuates upward. In the past, when this occurred, business leaders were faced with the limited options of asking existing employees to work more or hiring additional workers to compensate for the increased need. Intelligent automation has revolutionized how these peaks and valleys are handled, allowing businesses to scale up or down at the veritable click of a button.

Because intelligent automation technology facilitates greater productivity and efficiency and delivers the ability to seamlessly adapt to changing workload demands, it naturally helps to reduce many of the costs associated with the traditional non-automated workplace. Furthermore, by shifting many of the highly repetitive, mundane tasks from humans to robots, morale and employee satisfaction subsequently improves as well. Talented personnel is freed up to focus their skills and attention on other, more worthwhile and fulfilling activities, which benefits employees as well as the company as a whole.

Lastly, by leveraging an intelligent automation platform with sophisticated machine learning algorithms, business leaders can receive decision support via suggestions to optimize workflows and dynamically create rule-based recommendations, insights and correlations. As a result, performance will continuously be honed and improved, which means greater increasingly better service levels moving forward.

Regardless of which industry or sector your organization happens to operate, without question intelligent automation could deliver a whole host of benefits, not just limited to the ones listed above. The better your company operates within, the greater degree of satisfaction you will achieve, both internally as well as with your customers. Happier employees and clients mean fewer incoming complaints, which is music to the ears of almost any executive.

If you haven’t yet begun reaping the benefits of intelligent automation for your company, the time to take action is now.  Launch a free, interactive demo of Ayehu to experience for yourself how powerful having an army of robots at your disposal truly can be.

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