Could IT Process Automation Be Your Vehicle to the Cloud?

Could IT Process Automation Be Your Vehicle to the Cloud?When it comes to IT process automation, the talk usually centers on increased efficiency and productivity. What’s often overlooked, however, is the opportunities ITPA opens for organizations to be able to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of cloud technology. This can also save businesses a significant amount of money as well. Could automation be your ticket to leveraging the power of the cloud for your company? Let’s take a look.

Consider the example of a claims processing application for a large insurance provider. Previously, the company had been working with a managed service provider to handle the large volume of claims that it handled. Under this set up, 35 servers were required, which were housed at the MSP. This level of support came at a hefty price tag. The company wondered if moving to the cloud would make more sense, particularly from a financial standpoint. But how? The answer was simple: automation.

A switch from the MSP to a cloud platform allowed the company to shrink their server needs from 35 down to a conservative 11. That change alone saved them an impressive $750,000 a year! And the savings they realized was just one of the benefits. The other significant advantage the cloud environment provided was the ability to scale up and down instantly as needed. This was particularly important given the broad fluctuation of claims the company had to process on any given day.

As this example demonstrates, IT process automation can provide the ability for organizations of any size to enjoy the savings and flexibility of on-demand performance. Outside the insurance industry, just about every business faces situations in which a sudden influx of work might occur. How are these scenarios handled? Does bringing in more staff to meet the increased demands make sense? Is it even fiscally possible? And what happens when that demand suddenly drops?

IT process automation and robotics technology provides the perfect complement to existing personnel, and the added ability to leverage the cloud makes it an ideal solution. Makes sense, right? So, the next logical question is how do you achieve similar results? What automation tool should you invest in?

Well, there are plenty of options. Among the most attractive – at least from the standpoint of cost – are the inexpensive or free open-source tools that are readily available. But while this option may save you some money from the start, it may not be worth it. After all, these types of platforms have to be pieced together, creating a fragmented environment which could become fraught with error and will very likely be lacking in the area of efficiency. In other words, you get what you pay for.

The other recommended option would be to adopt a larger automation framework and work from there. This will provide a much more standardized approach to IT process automation and create a more cohesive network. Additionally, sticking with a more sophisticated “anchor” automation provider provides a greater level of quality and performance. While there will be an initial investment, the long-term benefits and savings as demonstrated above should more than justify the expense.

If you’re currently working with an MSP and would like to find out more about how IT process automation could help you transition to a more economical and efficient cloud environment, give us a call.


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