Tools, support, and resources

for COVID-19

We are committed to supporting you and your team during this time of uncertainty. On behalf of the entire Ayehu team, we’re here for you.


Together with our employees & families, we are prepared to support you during Covid-19 time.

We value your business and you can rely on Ayehu to support you during these challenging times. Here is why:

  • Although these are unusual times, it is “business as usual” here at Ayehu.
  • 100% of our teams (working remotely) in multi-national locations are fully operational.
  • Our dedicated marketing team is working these days to create and publish relevant content and educational material to upskill your knowledge.
  • Our Customer Success, Support team, Sales and Partners team are all committed to serving clients need, quickly responding to all questions.


In the face of fear and uncertainty, more and more organizations are curbing corporate travel and turning to remote work arrangements in order to minimize impact and prevent potential business disruption.

With so many employees now getting the green light to work from home, the demand for IT support – for VPN access, remote file permission and the like- is increasing, at a time when less IT staff are available to address the increased demand.

Intelligent automation not only helps organizations avert financial loss, also helps keep the economy more stable, preventing or minimizing the impact of a widespread downturn.

Work from home not an option?

For many organizations, making the transition to remote work is relatively easy. For others, however, such as those with employees in developing countries who don’t have access to computers or internet connectivity at home, it’s simply not a feasible option. Intelligent IT process automation can provide a viable solution, effectively “keeping the lights on” by augmenting the human workforce. 

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If you are a Managed Service Provider struggling to cope with the lack of on-site IT staff, due to workers at home without connectivity or laptops, check out our special package for MSPs during this time of crisis.

Fully automated Incident Response, with No IT Staff On-Site

Incident response processes generally require some action to be taken on systems or applications in order to resolve that incident. Once teams are remote, this becomes difficult to perform. 

PagerDuty and Ayehu have teamed up to create a joint solution for IT automation in the context of incident response.

PagerDuty and Ayehu are working together to help you rapidly re-engineer IT processes and improve communications between IT teams during major incidents.