eyeShare for Cyber Security Incident Response Automation

Ayehu eyeShare improves the Security Operations Center (SOC) efficiency by turbo charging your security incident response and resolution. eyeShare Security Incident Response gives you the flexibility of streamlining and automating your security processes by leveraging industry best practices and creating workflows and playbooks that extend Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities. Instead of manual time-consuming security procedures, you can now create interactive, closed-loop automated processes with eyeShare that accelerate your security incident response and resolution.

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“By 2019, 40% of large enterprises will require specialized, automated tools to meet regulatory obligations in the event of a serious information security incident.” Gartner.

Automating your cyber security incident response helps to:

      • Create standard security processes, reduce manual work and provide more consistent, reliable response actions.
      • Reduce workload – respond to weaknesses or policy violations with automated review and remediation that preserves security best practices.
      • Reduce response times – integrate with both configuration assessments and event management to provide the fastest response to incidents with the maximum information available to your security administrators.
      • Reduce costs of securing systems and networks while enabling more scalable, repeatable incident responses, and streamlining your organization’s compliance efforts.

Automated Cyber Security Incident Response enables data enrichment

When an attack occurs, there’s information generated about the incident, but you need more than just incident data.  You also need to collect relevant information about the context of the incident, which often must be correlated from multiple disparate systems, such as:

    • Intelligence Feeds
    • SIEMs
    • Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems (IDS  / IPS)
    • Anti-Virus Software
    • File Integrity Checkers
    • OS, App, & Network Device Logs
    • National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
    • Help Desk Ticketing Systems

Automate your important systems tasks

Many natural disasters result in office and facilities closure, which means that you won’t necessarily be on hand to control your systems in the wake of an emergency.Automated Cyber Security Incident Response allows you to maintain that control from wherever you are, letting you respond and make critical decisions as needed. ITPA can be leveraged in a number of ways, including:

        • Preparing for capacity; increasing your computing resources in the event that one of your sites is down
        • Preparing remediation procedures for when incidents and problems occur, such as service or application failures, disk space issues, etc.
        • Developing “what if” scenarios that allow you to make decisions upon receiving alert messages and be able to remotely respond, such as activating your DR plan when the time is right to move from failed service/server to its backup

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