The Importance of Solid Cyber Security Incident Response – A Reminder

CyberTech Conference a Reminder of the Importance of Solid Cyber-Security Incident ResponseThe Ayehu team recently participated in the annual CyberTech conference. The original purpose of our attendance was to share information about the eyeShare product through networking and interactive demonstrations. What really occurred there, however, went well beyond product demos and handshakes. We came away with an even greater realization of the critical importance of cyber security incident response, and a renewed dedication to helping organizations protect themselves and their sensitive data against would-be attackers.

As we are all well aware, cyber-attacks aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, they continue to increase in frequency while also becoming much more sophisticated. Traditional methods for monitoring and managing incidents are simply no longer adequate. If businesses are to remain secure, they’ll need to arm themselves with a cyber security incident response strategy that leverages advanced technology to match threats head-on.

One thing that struck us as we discussed the topic of security with conference attendees was the surprising number of organizations that still believe a basic monitoring system is enough. This might have been true a decade ago, but not anymore. The fact is, even the most highly-skilled IT department personnel cannot keep up with the volume of attacks that are coming in at an alarming rate. And as we witness in news reports on an almost weekly basis, all it takes is one legitimate threat that slips through to wreak havoc.

Savvy IT leaders recognize that even the best system can have flaws and vulnerabilities. That’s why integration is so important. For instance, we recommend integrating existing monitoring and alert management platforms with an automation tool that provides more of a closed-loop process. This ensures that every incident detected is instantly and thoroughly assessed, verified and prioritized and that the appropriate steps are taken to resolve the situation accordingly. Essentially, automation provides the added level of protection necessary to fortify cyber security incident response.

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality IT process automation products with special attention paid to security, Ayehu has officially joined the Intel Security Innovation Alliance program. As part of this partnership, we will be integrating our IT process automation software with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager™ (ESM). This integration will enable IT professionals to automate and streamline security policy tasks, such as incident response, in a more efficient and effective manner.

As we reflect on all that we learned at this year’s CyberTech conference, we are honored to be playing a role in helping businesses of every shape, size and industry develop and implement cyber security incident response strategies that are both reliable and effective.

Is your plan strong enough to withstand the cyber-attacks that are inevitably to come? The time to get it right is now – before your organization becomes the next victim.

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