Why the Distrust of SOC Automation?

Why the Distrust of SOC Automation?As more organizations become buried in a sea of alerts and data, automation is fast becoming the go-to solution. For many, it’s become the most powerful and effective tool for maintaining a safe, efficient and profitable operation. Yet, there are still some who view automation as the “enemy,” particularly those in the security operations center (SOC) realm.

Many of these talented professionals feel wary about handing over their most critical tasks and processes to machine. And they’re not necessarily wrong. Let’s take a deeper look at why this distrust in SOC automation exists and, more importantly, how to overcome it once and for all.

While it’s certainly true that SOC automation is an essential component of any IT operation – especially those that deal with the security aspect – it’s simply not the be all and end all. In reality, automation is meant to supplement, complement and enhance the security operations center. Rather than turning solely to technology as the ultimate answer, a healthy balance can and should be struck that marries machine with human intellect.

The fact is, nobody knows the needs, nuances and opportunities of their organization better than the SOC team. They are the ones in the trenches, day in and day out, handling the ever-increasing workload, putting out fires and working hard to stay a step ahead, both in terms of cyber criminals and the competition. When these talented individuals are able to leverage the power of automation technology to address those needs, capitalize on those opportunities and strengthen their position in the industry and against potential threats, the real benefits of SOC automation can be realized.

For SOC automation to be truly effective, it needs people to influence, oversee and drive its success. It requires seamless integration with existing platforms and across the entire security infrastructure to create end to end processes and workflows. It needs human insight to define and redefine the rules accordingly. With the right strategy, SOC automation can essentially do the “heavy lifting,” alleviating personnel of their manual workload burdens and freeing up top talent to apply their valuable skills elsewhere.

What it ultimately boils down to is perspective and balance. When SOC professionals begin to view automation not as a threat, but rather as a tool to make their lives infinitely easier, that’s when the true value of SOC automation can be realized.

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